Alcohol and University Property
This policy governs the sale and use of alcohol on University owned property and by campus groups.
"Fifty Years Behind the Lens" Photo Exhibit Opens July 15 At Miami Voice of America Learning Center
"Jim Brockman: Fifty Years Behind the Lens," an exhibition of photography by Fairfield resident Jim Brockman, opens July 15 at Miami's Voice of America Learning Center in West Chester with a free public reception from 2 to 4:30 pm.
Protect your tech: Summer scorcher edition
summercomputer-thumb.jpgTechnology isn't a fan of heat. Follow our tips to stay cool as the Midwest heats up.
When suspension or dismissal of the accused was proposed by the Office of Community Standards or imposed by any hearing authority, the alleged victim (if any), the accused and the Office of Community Standards have the right to file a written appeal with the University Appeals Board within five University working days of the written decision by the hearing authority. The appeal should be addressed to the chair of the University Appeals Board and should state the basis for the appeal and should include all supporting documents.
Types of Awards
Research Support
This policy affirms University support for faculty research and creative activity.