Vision, Values, and Mission

The vision of OIRE is to be known within Miami University as the trusted source for timely,
accurate, and actionable decision support, and nationally as a recognized leader in institutional
research and effectiveness.

OIRE’s core values include service, integrity, collegiality, inclusion, and innovation.

OIRE’s mission is to facilitate institutional effectiveness through the following activities:

  • Providing access to timely, accurate and actionable information to institutional leaders,
    the University community, and to external organizations;
  • Proactively working with constituents to delve into the meaning of data and transform
    them into information and action;
  • Providing analysis, research, and evaluation needed by Miami decision makers;
  • Working with colleagues to maintain and improve strong data integrity and governance;
  • Providing leadership and support for effective, meaningful, and manageable processes of
    student learning assessment and program review;
  • Maintaining compliance with requirements of the Higher Learning Commission and
    collaborating across the University with colleagues to maintain compliance with
    disciplinary accreditation agencies and other regulatory bodies; and
  • Providing professional development and documentation concerning all areas of OIRE’s