Needleless Systems

Sharps Injury Protection

The following table lists engineered sharps protection products that are currently (7/26/17) used by the Student Health Service.

Department Product Manufacturer

B.D. VACUTAINER blood collection needles Push Button Blood Collection Set (Butterfly Needle) Blood Transfer Device Urine Transfer Straw Kit

Becton Dickinson

B.D. Vacutainer Eclipes Blood Collection Needles 21 gauge & 22 gauge

Becton Dickinson
Laboratory Surgilance Safety Lancet 22mm depth 22 gauge MediPurpose
Nursing SafetyGlide Needle Becton Dickinson
Nursing Insyte AutoGuard Shielded IV Catheter System Becton Dickinson
Nursing Tip-Lok Safety Syringe with BD Safety Glide Needle for Engerix-B Hepatitis B and Habris Hepatitis A Vaccine GlasxSmithKline
Nursing Disposable Safety Scalpels, size 11 & 15

Henry Schein

Nursing Vacutainer Safety Lock Blood collection system Becton Dickinson
Nursing BD Angio Cath 22 gauge Becton Dickinson

Note: Public Health Care workers in Student Health Services shall be trained annually on BLOODBORNE PATHOGEN SAFETY PRECAUTION WORK PRACTICES that are developed and administered by the Student Health Center.