Community Relations Team (CRT)

The Community Relations Team is made up of officers who act as liaisons to the University community. Each residence hall and several other campus groups have liaisons assigned to them. Liaisons provide a point of contact within the Miami University Police and are also available to give presentations on a variety of topics from crime prevention to personal safety and alcohol.

District 1 Leader: Sgt. Scott Smith

  • Sgt. Charles Howard and Ptl. Darrell Byrd assigned Hahne Hall, Flower Hall, Brandon Hall, Miami Inn, Marcum Hall
  • Ptl. Keith Hibbard and Ptl. Thad Persinger assigned McBride Hall, Dorsey Hall, Collins Hall, Dennison Hall, Wilson Hall
  • Det. Tom Lampl and Ptl. Nelda Mattison assigned Symmes Hall, Swing Hall, McFarland Hall, Hepburn Hall, Withrow Hall

District 2 Leader: Sgt. Nicole Roberts

  • Ptl. Jacob Gray and Ptl. Josh Gray assigned Wells Hall, Bishop Hall, Ogden Hall, Stoddard Hall, Elliott Hall
  • Ptl. Nelda Mattison and Det. Latona Reid assigned Minnich Hall, Scott Hall, MacCracken Hall, Richard Hall, Hamilton Hall
  • Ptl. Robert Gleason and Ptl. Jarrad Sizemore assigned Anderson Hall, Dodds Hall, Porter Hall, Stanton Hall

District 3 Leader: Sgt. Jonathan Price

  • Ptl. Michael Jarvi and Ptl. Matt Starr assigned McKee Hall, Clawson Hall, Peabody Hall, Thomson Hall, Havighurst Hall
  • Ptl. Darrell Byrd and Ptl. Jacob Gray assigned Emerson Hall, Morris Hall, Tappan Hall
  • Sgt. Jonathan Price and Ptl. Michael Jarvi assigned to Etheridge Hall, Maple Street Station
  • Ptl. Matt Starr and Ptl. Josh Gray assigned Beechwoods Hall, Hillcrest Hall, Stonebridge Hall

Heritage Commons Leader: Sgt. Walt Schneider

  • Sgt. Walt Schneider and Ptl. Nelda Mattison assigned Reid Hall, Tallawanda Hall, Logan Lodge, Fisher Hall, Pines Lodge, Blanchard House

Other assignments include:

  • Ptl. Keith Hibbard and Ptl. Michael Jarvi assigned ROTC
  • Ptl. Darrell Byrd and Sgt. Nicole Roberts assigned Commuters
  • Sgt. Susan Tobergte assigned International Students
  • Capt. Jim Bechtolt, Capt. Andy Rosenberger and Sgt Charles Howard assigned Greek Community and Athletics
  • Sgt. Scott Smith and Sgt. Walt Schneider assigned Faculty and Staff Training
  • Sgt. Sharon Burkett, Det. Tom Lampl, and Det. Latona Howard assigned Victim Protection and Campus Safety Bulletins
  • Sgt. Nicole Roberts and Det. Latona Howard assigned Self Defense Training