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Search and Appointment Procedures | Academic Affairs Unit
This policy governs the procedures for recruiting, selecting and appointing tenured and tenure-eligible faculty, lecturers and teaching faculty (collectively referred to as faculty).
Contract of Employment
This policy establishes the duties of tenure track and tenured members of the faculty and defines the academic year. It also governs the process for any major change in duties or reassignment of a full-time member of the faculty staff.
Assignment of Academic Rank, Department, and Division
This policy requires all persons holding academic rank (other than positional rank) to be assigned to an academic department.
Employment of Persons Holding a Miami Degree
This policy prohibits a person who obtained their highest degree from Miami University from holding a tenurable or Promotable/ Non-tenurable posiiton at Miami unless one of the exceptions in the policy is met.
Overload Teaching
This policy governs overload teaching appointments.
Summer and Winter Term Teaching
This policy governs appointments for teaching Summer and Winter Terms and requires that teaching be equally available to all full-time non-visiting members of the faculty in a department with the approval of the divisional dean.
Faculty Improvement Leave
This policy governs the Faculty Improvement Leave Program for tenured members of the faculty.
Assigned Research Appointments
This policy governs one semester Assigned Research Appointments for disciplinary and pedagogical research by tenured or tenure eligible faculty.