Academic Standing

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Your academic standing is calculated using your grade point average hours, which are the hours you earn in any class at Miami that receives a standard letter grade. Grade point average hours do not include transfer hours, AP/CLEP hours, pass/fail courses, credit/no credit, audit, proficiency credit, or course hours dropped with a W. Grade point average hours do include incomplete grades of "I" factored as an "F" until you complete the requirements. Both your semester average and cumulative average are calculated. 

President's and Dean's List

The President's List recognizes the top three percent of undergraduate students within each division registered for 12 or more credit hours attempted for grades in any given semester. The Dean's List recognizes the next 17 percent of undergraduate students within each division registered for 12 or more hours attempted for grades. To be recognized on the President's or the Dean's List, students within each academic division must achieve specific grade point averages as well. For specific information about grade point averages, and the President's and Dean's List, please consult the One Stop

Campus Dean's List

The Campus Dean’s List recognizes degree-seeking undergraduate students within the regional campuses who are registered for 11 or fewer graded credit hours in any given semester. Students on this list must have achieved a 3.6+ term GPA and earned a total of 12+ credit hours over the course of their Miami career.

Academic Actions

Academic actions are taken by the Office of the Registrar when you are no longer in good academic standing, which is defined as maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0. If your GPA drops below a 2.0, you will have academic actions such as academic warning, academic probation, academic suspension or academic dismissal levied against you. Learn more about these actions.

Classification of Students

Students who have met entrance requirements are admitted to freshman rank. Students with at least 30 but less than 64 earned credit hours are ranked as sophomores. Students with at least 64 but less than 96 earned credit hours are ranked as juniors. Students with 96 or more earned credit hours are ranked as seniors.

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