Taking Classes on another Campus

Miami students can take classes on other campuses besides their home campus, a process called 'Change of Campus.'  Regional students do NOT need to do a Change of Campus to take classes on the Hamilton, Middletown or VOA campuses, as these are all in the Regional system. Regional students can take up to half of any semester's credit hours in Oxford and remain a Regional student, in which case they seek 'Permission to Register' for Oxford courses. Or, a Regional student can do a full 'Change of Campus' to Oxford. 

Oxford students who want to take classes on the Regional campuses (but remain Oxford-based students) may register for most Regional classes without special permission, but will be charged the Oxford tuition and fees for Regional courses (unless they Change their Campus in full to the Regionals). Regional online courses are restricted for Oxford students until one month before the start of the Fall and Spring semesters. Some Regional online classes are always restricted for Oxford students unless they have a Regional major, minor or Thematic Sequence. Oxford campus students should consult with their major's Chief Departmental Advisor (CDA) for assistance and information. 

Oxford students who have a declared College of Liberal Arts and Applied Sciences (CLAAS) major, minor or Thematic Sequence should complete the Permission to Register form to request access to the Regional courses they need. The student's degree audit will be checked to verify a CLAAS major, minor or Thematic Sequence, and the student will be added to the course by the Regional One Stop. If the course is closed, the student may be instructed to join the BannerWeb waitlist or use the ROR system. 

Oxford students who want to take all their credits at the Regional campus request a change of campus through the One Stop. Please read through the information about taking courses on another Miami campus before submitting the Change of Campus form

Regional campus students who wish to take courses on the Oxford campus have two options:

Permission to Register

Sometimes called a "partial change of campus," this option allows you to take up to half of your credit hours in Oxford while taking at least half of your credit hours at the Regional campuses and paying Regional rates. You may request permission to register for more classes than you sign up for, in case Oxford classes fill before your Time Ticket opens. When your form is processed, you'll receive an email to your Miami email account from regOneStop@miamiOH.edu confirming your permission to register and containing information about your Oxford Time Ticket. You will then sign up for Oxford classes on your own through BannerWeb.  Note that your Regional Time Ticket and Oxford Time Ticket may be different

Full Change of Campus

This option is for students who wish to take all or the majority of their credit hours on the Oxford campus. A full change of campus means you will be advised by Oxford departmental advisors and pay Oxford tuition rates and student fees. When you fill out the form, you'll get an email confirmation. If you have met the requirements to change your campus, you may have certain holds placed on your account that prevent registration. You must resolve these holds in order to register for classes!  

  • ISSS hold: This hold is placed on international student records. International students must update their I-20 record before they can register for classes. Contact Maria Potter at potterm@MiamiOH.edu for more information. 
  • Medical holdThis hold is placed on the record of any student who requires medical documentation. The medical hold prevents future term registration, not the term the student change of campus takes effect (e.g., students changing campus to Oxford for Spring 2023 semester can register for Spring courses, but would have a hold preventing registration for Summer/Fall 2023 registration until medical documentation is submitted).

Beginning July 1, 2022, we no longer place an advising hold on students who change their campus, but we strongly suggest you connect with an academic advisor in the division that houses your major. Contact information for Oxford advisors is listed below. 

If you applied for a Change of Campus to Oxford and were denied, but since then have met the requirements, please email Yolanda Hart at hartyy@MiamiOH.edu for assistance. 

Change of Campus or Permission to Register Process

To change your campus to Oxford, either partially or in full, please use the links on this One Stop Change of  Campus webpage to select Permission to Register or Change of Campus (you will be asked to log into myMiami). It is important to begin the Change of Campus process early to allow plenty of time for processing. For Fall Semester or Summer Term, request by mid-March. For Spring Semester or Winter Term, request by mid-October. 

Regardless if you intend to change your campus partially or in full, Regional campus students must meet the minimum criteria: 

  • Complete at least 16 graded credit hours from Miami University Regionals in 100+ level courses (NOT including College Credit Plus, AP, CLEP, credit/no-credit, ACE courses or transfer credits). Winter term grades are not posted until after spring semester starts and do not count towards spring permission to register in Oxford
  • Achieve a cumulative GPA not less than 2.0
  • Have an acceptable conduct record
  • English Language Center(ELC) students must complete ENG108 at their home campus before taking any Oxford classes
  • ELC students may take Oxford classes in the same semester they complete ENG109, which they must take on their home campus

Current Oxford Advisor contact information is as follows:

College of Arts and Science (including pre-FSB)

College of Arts and Science majors will receive an email inviting them to schedule a 30-minute appointment after they submit their Change of Campus application. They may also self-schedule an appointment after filling out the application. Please submit the application ASAP. Call CAS Advising at 513-529-3031 with any questions. Students who are undecided on a major should email exploratorystudies@MiamiOH.edu to schedule an appointment. 

Creative Arts

Creative Arts majors should email Chad Reynolds at Chad.Reynolds@MiamiOH.edu to schedule an appointment.  

Education, Health and Society

  • Teacher Education majors (but not Inclusive Special Education) should schedule an appointment with Cathy Moore by emailing moorecr3@MiamiOH.edu
  • Education Studies majors should schedule an appointment with Dr. Kathleen Knight Abowitz at knightk2@MiamiOH.edu
  • Inclusive Special Education majors should email Ashley Johnson at cartelae@MiamiOH.edu to schedule an appointment. If you have questions, call the department at 513-529-6317.
  • Kinesiology (KNH) majors including Nutrition and Public Health should email Garry Bowyer at bowyerg@MiamiOH.edu to schedule an appointment.
  • Sports Leadership and Management (SLAM) majors should email Garry Bowyer at bowyerg@MiamiOH.edu to schedule an appointment.  
  • Family Studies and Social Work majors should email Carolyn Slotten at slottect@MiamiOH.edu to schedule an appointment. 

Engineering & Computing

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering majors and all CEC-Undeclared Engineering students should email Keisha Norris at norrisk6@MiamiOH.edu to schedule an appointment.
  • Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering majors should email Nick Stanford at stanfon@MiamiOH.edu to schedule an appointment.
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering majors should schedule an appointment with Norm Krumpe through his calendar. Email krumpenj@MiamiOH.edu with questions.
  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering majors should email Wyatt Bischoff at bischowj@MiamiOH.edu to schedule an appointment.  

Farmer School of Business (admitted only; not pre-FSB)

Admitted Farmer School of Business majors should create an appointment in Navigate using these instructions. If you have questions, contact Virginia Agee Deaton at ageeva@MiamiOH.edu. Students not yet admitted to Farmer School should email exploratorystudies@MiamiOH.edu to schedule an appointment. 

Regional (CLAAS)

Regional (CLAAS) majors should use Navigate to schedule an appointment with Yolanda Hart or Stephanie Beck, or call 513-727-3440 for an appointment. 

Text Version

Are you planning to take classes in Oxford next semester?

Partial Change of Campus:

  • Only take 1-2 class in Oxford
  • The majority of your classes are Regional

Full Change of Campus:

  • Take all, or the majority, of your classes in Oxford

Partial or Full Change of Campus requires, at minimum:

  • 16 graded credit hours from Miami University
  • 2.0+ Cumulative GPA
  • 1 Full semester at Miami University Regionals
  • 1 appointment with an Academic Advisor