Oxford Change of Campus

Bachelor Hall in Oxford

Regional campus students who wish to take courses on the Oxford campus have two options:

  • Permission to Register allows you to take one or two classes in Oxford while taking the majority of your courses at the Regional campuses and paying Regional rates.
  • Full Change of Campus is for students who wish to take all or the majority of their credit hours on the Oxford campus; a full change of campus means you will pay Oxford tuition rates and student fees.

Regardless if you intend to change your campus partially or in full, Regional campus students must meet the minimum criteria: 

  • Complete at least 16 graded credit hours from Miami University Regionals in 100+ level courses (NOT including: Post-Secondary, College Credit Plus, AP, CLEP, credit/no-credit, or transfer credits). Note that winter term grades are not posted until after spring semester starts and do not count towards spring permission to register in Oxford
  • Achieve a  cumulative GPA not less than 2.0
  • Have an acceptable conduct record
  • English Language Center(ELC) students must complete ENG109 at their home campus before taking any Oxford classes


Change of Campus information for Fall 2021 will be available in late March