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Part 1: CITI Online Training

This must be completed prior to interacting with any regulated animals in association with Miami if the person(s) is acting without direct supervision and the presence of someone approved to supervise such activity*

Part 2: Miami Program Orientation

In-person orientations are conducted quarterly. Students and staff who will interact with animals without supervision must attend a session within a reasonable amount of time (~6 months)*.

Part 3: Participate in the Occupation Health and Safety Program

Researchers handling animals must return the Part C Form prior to receiving access to LAR and being added to an IACUC approved protocol.

*"Supervisors" must be listed on an approved protocol. "Direct supervision" means a person trained in the activities is present and able to oversee the animal interactions. For classes, a faculty member or teaching assistant can provide the expertise necessary to assure the proper handling and care of animals by the students. For research, short-term temporary assistants can be supervised by persons listed on the protocol approved for the activity. The PI on the protocol must be aware and approve of the use of persons who have not completed formal training.

Specialized Training

The online program available from the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) has modules for providing specialized training. IACUC, faculty supervisors, or the attending veterinarian may require certain researchers to complete specialized training. If directed to do so, please contact


Researchers should reach out to for compliance training dates.