FAQs about Sanctions

Which violations carry mandatory sanctions?

Violations of the alcohol policy and dishonesty policy do have mandatory minimum sanctions in the Code of Student Conduct. These can be found in the Sanctions section of the Code of Student Conduct. Please note though, just because a sanction has mandatory minimums does not mean that those sanctions are always the sanctions given. Severity of incident informs the Office of Community Standards on what sanctions are appropriate.

Also note, the Office of Community Standards uses sanction guidelines for all Code of Student Conduct violations. This means that while there are not mandatory sanctions for other policies, there are guidelines that are followed by all hearing authorities to ensure fairness throughout the Community Standards process.

Can a student email the paper they were assigned to write? If so, to what email address?

Students may submit papers electronically to the Office of Community Standards at CommunityStandards@MiamiOH.edu. This is in fact the preferred method of the Office of Community Standards, so feel free to email papers and other sanctions!

Do the costs of sanctions get charged to a student's bursar account?  

Yes, fees for education programs will be billed to the student’s bursar bill. Additionally, students who are found responsible for a violation are assessed a $50 administrative fee. This is also billed through the student’s bursar account.

Will the classes a student has to take through criminal court count for the classes that were assigned to them by the Office of Community Standards?

Yes, educational sanctions mandated by an external municipal court may be substituted for educational sanctions mandated by Miami. However, the student should first confirm this with the Office of Community Standards. Additionally, any outside sanction must meet Miami's deadline.

Can a student complete the alcohol/drug classes and assessment at an establishment off campus?

Yes, educational sanctions and assessments may be completed off campus with prior approval from the Office of Community Standards. It is highly encouraged to use Miami’s programs if possible, as they are specifically programed for Miami University students. However, there are certain situations in which it is more appropriate for students to use off campus resources. If you are considering using an off campus resource, contact our office and someone will be happy to answer any questions for you.

Additionally, for assessments specifically, the Haven, located just off of Miami’s campus, provides assessment services at the same cost as the Miami Counseling Center. This resource can be beneficial to use if you are having difficulty scheduling an assessment for a certain time frame with the Counseling Center, or are already using services at the Haven.

What is a Conduct hold?

A conduct hold, aka “JA Hold,” generally means that a student has failed to complete disciplinary sanctions by a given deadline, or the student has withdrawn from Miami University with pending disciplinary action or sanctions. Students are notified of holds when they log into their Miami account. The student should contact the Office of Community Standards at CommunityStandards@MiamiOH.edu to determine what must be done in order to remove the hold. Please see the holds tab under “Policies and Procedures” for more information on holds.