College Woods Loop

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College Woods is a 16 acre second growth wood-lot with many trees that had been a part of Western College for many years. Over time, the area became landlocked and was not assessable until an easement agreement with the City of Oxford was established in 2004. This opened up the area for hiking trails (Built by Matt Dean; Boy Scout Troop 999) and the opportunity for the public to enjoy this beautiful area. Many of the trees are over 100 years old. The woods contain many interesting species including: white ash, american beech, black cherry, slippery elm, shagbark hickory, American hop-hornbeam, chinquapin oak, shingle oak, pawpaw, sassafras, black tupelo and black walnut. A connecting trail from College Woods (Built by Matt Glabb; Boy Scout Troop 999) provides access to the the Western Loop trails.

Trail Details

Skill Level—Easy

Distance—1.1 mi