Start a Living Learning Community (LLC)

35 people posing in a group on the floor of a gymnasium
 8 people posing outside, with their arms around each others' shoulders
 2 people standing under a large metal outdoor sculpture
 3 people in foreground, sitting on the ground carving pumpkins, 4 in the background standing around a partially completed cart
 15 people posing on a hayride
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 9 people posing in a semicircle outside a building
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We are always looking for new ideas for Living Learning Communities (LLCs) to foster student engagement and success. If you would like to learn more about the creation and implementation of an LLC for first or second-year students, please review the information below.

Requirements for creating a new Living Learning Community

  1. Minimum of 30 students is required to fill the LLC.
  2. Tied to more than one person (e.g. a position in your department, a faculty member, multiple people, etc)
  3. Must meet three times a semester with your Residence Life liaison.
  4. Must have a minimum of three programs a semester for your LLC.
  5. Have a monetary stake in the LLC. Preferred
  6. Have a class component, which is taught by someone in your department. Preferred

Sample LLC Creation Timeline

The process for the creation of a new living learning community generally begins 14-18 months prior to the “first class” of participants.


  • Identify target population
  • Observe other communities
  • Assess need in student population


  • Garner interest from students
  • Research like communities at other institutions


  • Create program mission/goals/learning outcomes
  • Identify stakeholders/academic components


  • Identify residential space/limitations
  • Assess need for application


  • Finalize marketing
  • Housing application


  • Outline programming elements
  • Identify linked course options


  • Select and assign students


“Inauguration” of new community

Next Steps

The following information can assist you in the creation and implementation of a new Living Learning Community.

Questions? Contact the Office of Residence Life at