How is a student selected to participate in the Scholastic Enhancement Program (SEP)? 

Students are selected based on their application materials. The criteria used to select students includes ACT/SAT test scores, class rank, high school grades in academic subjects, involvement in extracurricular activities, work experience, high school academic program, essay, recommendation from high school counselor/teacher, and declared major. Some or all of these factors contribute to students' selection into the program.

What are the requirements for participation in the program?

Based on a student's admission status to the University, participation in the Scholastic Enhancement Program is mandatory. Students will be required to work with the Scholastic Enhancement Program for a minimum of two years. SEP Advisors will meet regularly with SEP students and assist them in the development of an educational plan that will position them for academic success at Miami University. As an SEP student, you are required to attend weekly meetings with your SEP Advisor. During these meetings, you can expect to discuss course selection and degree planning, as well as reflect upon your study habits and academic practices and develop strategies to improve upon them. Your SEP Advisor is eager to help you transition successfully to Miami University and attain academic success, and is available to discuss a variety of academic questions and concerns.

Who else will know that I am participating in this program?

Outside of the Learning Center, the only other individuals who will be made aware of your status in the program will be faculty, staff, and those individuals who may provide you with additional services. These services may include academic advising, tutoring, peer mentoring, etc.

Will participating in the Scholastic Enhancement Program mean I will be separated from other students?

No. One of the unique features of this program is that it is structured to assist you through the established services already in place at the University. As a first-year student, you will live and study alongside other incoming Miami University students. The only distinction is that you have an advisor through the SEP program with whom you will be meeting regularly to plan for your academic success.

Will participating in this program prevent me from participating in extracurricular activities such as sports, Greek life, student government, and other student activities?

No. The Scholastic Enhancement Program is designed to bridge academics and extracurricular activities. We encourage you to talk with your SEP Advisor about activities you wish to become involved in; they may be able to help you proactively plan and manage your time, so that you can be successful academically while still pursuing activities that interest you.

Will I be able to take regular academic classes?

Yes. You are eligible to take the same courses all incoming Miami University students take. Your SEP Advisor will help you through this process by working with you to select classes and create course schedules that position you for academic success and allow you to fulfill requirements for your degree. Additionally, if you would benefit from additional instruction in some of your classes, your SEP Advisor can help connect you with free tutoring and/or supplemental instruction.

What will happen to me if I do not adhere to the program guidelines once I am enrolled?

If you disregard the requirements of the Scholastic Enhancement Program, you will be violating the terms of your admission to the university. As a result, evaluations will be made to determine whether a registration hold should be placed on your account. This hold will prevent you from registering for future Miami courses, and you will need to meet with your SEP Advisor to have the hold removed.