Requesting Records

Requesting Records or Verification of Accommodations

In accordance with Miami's Records Retention Manual, Student Disability Services only maintains records for seven years after you leave the university. We are happy to to provide you with a letter verifying the accommodations you used while here, or copies of your disability documentation, if requested in that time frame. We recommend that all students maintain a personal copy of their original disability documentation, request a copy of their records, or a verification of accommodation letter if they may need this information at a future date.

To request this information you should email your SDS Access Coordinator or via your Miami email account regarding the specifics of the information needed. 

After your request has been received we will follow up with you. Records can be sent digitally via FileLocker, by fax, or by mail.

Generate Your Own Eligibility Letter

If you are in need of an informal copy of your accommodations to share with an external entity (e.g. study abroad agency, another university, etc.) please follow these steps:

  1. Go to SAM: Students Accessing Miami.
  2. Select Sign In. Please enter your Miami Unique ID if prompted.
  3. Select My Eligibility located on the left-hand side under the "My Accommodations" menu.
  4. The "Generate PDF of the Eligibility Letter" feature provides two options:
    • Select Eligibility Letter to download a PDF which includes a list of your current accommodations.
    • Select Eligibility Letter with Description to download a PDF which includes a list of your current accommodations with a description of each accommodation.

Should you require an official verification of accommodation letter, contact your SDS Access Coordinator or our office directly.

Can I still request my records?

SDS will maintain your records for seven years after you leave the university. This is in accordance with Miami's record retention policy for medical records. We cannot provide any documentation or verification once we no longer have your records.