Mega Fair

Miami University has more than 600 student clubs and organizations, including service organizations, fraternities and sororities, academic and career-focused groups, and special-interest clubs. With so many options available for involvement, you may find yourself overwhelmed learning about your choices. To discover which student organization(s) may be a good fit, make plans to attend Mega Fair to find your place at Miami! 

2021 Fall Mega Fair

Date: August 29, 2021 (Rain Date: September 1, 2021 | 5 pm - 8 pm)

Time: 11 am - 2 pm

Location: Academic Quad and The SEAL

Miami students have many options to get involved in a variety of student organizations. If you've seen Pitch Perfect or any number of other movies and television shows about college campus life, Mega Fair is very similar to the activity fairs and involvement events depicted there.....but MUCH bigger. This is your opportunity to meet members of student organizations and find which ones best suit you!

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Mega Fair 2021

Information for Students Attending Fall 2021 Mega Fair

A number of organizations will be tracking attendance by using your Event Pass. This will reduce repetitive touching of items and provide a safer Mega Fair experience.

For instructions to access your Event Pass, visit our MyHub Mobile Event Pass page.

Information for Student Organizations Participating in Fall 2021 Mega Fair

All tables are pre-assigned. You will receive an email with your section and table number prior to the event. You may not switch your table number or section. The list of tables will be public for students to review, and a map will be shared via social media

Requirements and Guidelines

The following guidelines are intended to make Mega Fair as safe as possible due to the continued effects of Covid 19. Failure to comply with any of these requirements or instructions may result in your organization being sanctioned and may include the loss of rights to participate in future Mega Fairs.

  • REQUIREMENT: You may not switch your table location--either the table number or section.
  • REQUIREMENT: All organization representatives must stand behind their table. Physical distance and reduced traffic in walkways is imperative, and this helps us to achieve this.
  • REQUIREMENT: All organizations, at the conclusion of Mega Fair, will need to return their table to Bell Tower Dining Hall. If you cannot physically do so, please work with a SEAL Ambassador or MAP representative to get your table returned.
  • REQUIREMENT: Organizations are limited to two representatives at their table at all times to reduce congestion.
  • Guideline: Per CDC guidelines, with the crowded nature of Mega Fair, all individuals should wear masks. Unvaccinated individuals are required to wear masks in order to participate.
  • Guideline: Please make your space as low-touch as possible. Consider tracking attendance by creating an organization-only event in The Hub and using My Hub Event Pass/Mobile Check In.
  • Guideline: Limit activities/discussions with individuals at your table to a reasonable time to avoid congestion in walkways. Prolonged activities such as extended use of video games, extended time with therapy animals, etc. should be limited.


Check-in for organizations will be no earlier than 10:30 am for the event. You will check in at the banner for your section before setting up your table. 

Not on the list but want a table?

For organizations that did not register or complete registration for Mega Fair, there will be a wait line that will form at 10:30 am. Any groups arriving before 10:30 will be asked to return at that time. Some organizations may be assigned spots immediately depending on their organization category, while others will need to wait until 11:00 am when reserved tables that have not been claimed will be released.

Volunteer to Help

We need volunteers from organizations to help us set up and tear down Mea Fair. If your organization has people who would like to volunteer, please have them complete a sign up form. Any organization with at least one volunteer helping with set up from 8 am to 10 am can set up their organization's table early.