Miami Strengths Project

A group of students at the Perlmutter Conference

One critical component of being a leader is understanding your values, how you communicate, how you partner with others, your passions, and your strengths and areas for improvement. The Clifton Strengths for Students online assessment is one useful tool to help you better understand your areas of talent that can turn into strengths. This assessment has helped more than 9 million people around the world discover their talents.

After you take the Clifton StrengthsFinder, you'll receive a customized report that lists your top five talent themes, along with action items for development and suggestions about how you can use your talents to achieve academic, career, and personal success. To learn more about how Clifton Strengths for Students can help you develop as a leader, please visit the please visit the Clifton Strengths for Students site.

How to Explore Your Strengths with Wilks

Attend the Perlmutter Leadership Conference

The Perlmutter Leadership Conference is an annual conference that provides an opportunity for students to engage with local community leaders and explore their own personal leadership values through the lens of their CliftonStrengths. The next Perlmutter Leadership Conference will be in Fall 2021. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates and registration.


Workshops are intended to build teamwork and educate each other on what each member brings to the group with similar goals or purpose.The request a workshop for your student organization, chapter, or leadership team please email us at

One-on-One Coaching

Our CliftonStrengths One-on-One Coaching Sessions are designed to individualize the Strengths experience. A group of Student Life coaches are available to assist you in understanding your themes, applying these natural talents, and setting goals for your future.