UR 22 Forum Presenters Index April 20, 2022

Miami University's 28th Annual Undergraduate Research Forum - A Virtual Event Wed April 20, 2022
Presentation Index by Primary Presenter Name
Three sessions are planned for the day - one morning session (Session A: 9am-1030am) and two afternoon sessions (Session B: 1pm-230pm, Session C: 4pm-530pm). Within each session eleven presentations are scheduled per Cluster. 

On the day of the event, ZOOM links will be available per cluster from the UR 2022 Forum Website and you will be able to read the project abstract, and view images from the research project.  The site includes a robust search feature (look for names, keywords, project titles, etc.) Presenters may have more than one mentor for the project. 

UR 22 Forum Presenter List by Last Name First
Talk ID Number Assigned Session Cluster Presenation Type Title Advisor Deparment
Andrew Abata A12 Cluster A2 Individual Building a Better Protein: PCR-Mediated Site-Directed Mutagenesis of cpTATc-Hcf106 Carole Dabney-Smith Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jason Abele B14 Cluster B2 Individual Characterizing the Role of NHE11 in Mammalian Sperm Physiology Using Crispr/Cas9 Gene Edited Mice Paul James Biology
Meili Aiello C09 Cluster C1 Individual Elucidating Interactions between Adenovirus and DNA-PK Eileen Bridge Microbiology
Jaela Allen C53 Cluster C5 Individual Black Holes and Information Theory Paradox Imran Mirza Physics
Madeleine Ames C78 Cluster C7 Group

Isolation and Annotation of Newly Discovered Bacteriophages Infecting Soil Bacteria

Mitchell Balish


Nishan Amgain C51 Cluster C5 Group Information Processing Using Atoms in Optical Cavities Imran Mirza Physics
David Amsden-Michel A36 Cluster A4 Individual The Psychological Effect of Nostalgia on Forcibly-Displaced Migrants Joseph Johnson Psychology
Sophia Andreatta C46 Cluster C5 Group Psilocybin as a Preventative Measure for Alcohol Dependence Matthew McMurray Psychology
Tyler Ania C32 Cluster C3 Individual The Controversy of Mount Rushmore's Land and Meaning Oana Godeanu-Kenworthy Global & Intercultural Studies
Mia Anzilotti A47 Cluster A5 Group Critically Evaluating Apps Used to Teach Phonological Awareness to Young Children Arnold Olszewski Speech Pathology and Audiology
Ash Aoibheil A04 Cluster A1 Individual Indigenous Performance as Medicine for Inter-Generational Wounds Ann Elizabeth Armstrong Theatre
Macy Armagost B06 Cluster B1 Individual

Rewriting Marginality: Depictions of Greek Myth in Contemporary Literature

Denise McCoskey
Chloe Arrasmith A67 Cluster A7 Group Nutritional Value of School Meals and Childhood BMI Saurna Ghimire Sociology and Gerontology
Alexandra Bagg A03 Cluster A1 Group Acute Blood Glucose Response Differences During One Week of Riding an E-Bike Helaine Alessio Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Alexandra Bagg A52 Cluster A5 Individual Effects of Early Life Physical Inactivity Using the Novel Model of Small Mouse Cage on Growth and Health in Adulthood Paul Reidy Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Audrey Bailey A46 Cluster A5 Group Healthy Eating Index Score in Older Adults During a Six-month Weight Loss Intervention Elizabeth Miller Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Andrea Balazs C65 Cluster C6 Individual The Correlation Between College Students’ and Parental(s)/Guardian(s)’ Drinking Habits Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic Rose Marie Ward Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Cambria Beane B75 Cluster B7 Individual The Role of Cholinergic Neurons in Fentanyl Consumption Anna Radke Psychology
Andrew Bellas A37 Cluster A4 Individual Investigating a Novel Family of Proteins in Ancient Cyanobacteria Michael Kennedy Chemistry and Biochemistry
Alexandra Bender C69 Cluster C7 Individual Engineering CRISPR-Cas for Rapid, Sensitive, and Selective Analytical Sensing of COVID-19 Kevin Yehl Chemistry and Biochemistry
Camaryn Bennett B22 Cluster B2 Individual How Universal is Arrhenius Behavior? Dominik Konkolewicz Chemistry and Biochemistry
Emily Blackburn B44 Cluster B4 Individual Characteristics of Teacher Signing in a School-Based Setting for Children with Apraxia of Speech Aaron Shield Speech Pathology and Audiology
Hanah Bloom B03 Cluster B1 Individual Dissolving Ethnic Studies: An Archive of Activism and Institutional Responses at Miami University Katherine Cho Educational Leadership
Brendan Bohon C36 Cluster C4 Group Exploring Oil Spill Remediation Dominik Konkolewicz Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kelsey Boron A68 Cluster A7 Individual The Psychological Impact of Immigration Joseph Johnson Psychology
Alex Bowers C08 Cluster C1 Individual Predicting Plant Abundance in a Restored Prairie Jonathan Bauer Biology
Joseph Byrnes A59 Cluster A6 Individual A Sociopolitical Shift In Bolivia Through Music Caroline Shipley Spanish & Portuguese
Anthony Camerieri A60 Cluster A6 Group The Effect of Chronic E-cigarette Use on Pulmonary Function Kyle Timmerman Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Daniel Canter A62 Cluster A6 Individual Metabolic Energy Expenditure During Ambulation Using Axillary Crutches and a Hands-Free Crutch Kyle Timmerman Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Maddie Canter A73 Cluster A7 Individual The Uptake of Ceramide by Chlamydia to Prevent Apoptosis  
Chris Carmon A69 Cluster A7 Individual Lessons From My Friend Francisco  
Mason Carstens C60 Cluster C6 Individual "Hip hop femenino": Exploring the Message Behind Santa Mala's Songs Caroline Shipley Spanish & Portuguese
Ryan Clark B39 Cluster B4 Group Expression of microRNA in Mice Lens Epithelial Cells Michael Robinson Biology
Jack Collins A17 Cluster A2 Group The Danube River Yildirim Dilek Geology & Environmental Earth Science
Preston Collins C44 Cluster C4 Group Molecular Chaperone Implicated in Cancer Causation: Identifying the Substrate-binding Regions of Grp94 Andrea Kravats Chemistry and Biochemistry
Taylor Crawford B48 Cluster B5 Group Use of Images in Social Justice Efforts of Indigenous Communities Caroline Shipley Spanish & Portuguese
Shane Criss A20 Cluster A2 Group Body Image in the Miami Student Body Joyce Fernandes Biology
Everett Dalesio A21 Cluster A2 Group Association Between Needle Injection Use and Hepatitis B and C Prevalence in the United States Saruna Ghimire Sociology and Gerontology
Alexandra Danciutiu A14 Cluster A2 Individual Understanding Retinal Regeneration through the Analysis of Integrated Pathways of the Embryonic Chick Katia Del Rio-Tsonis Biology
Lily Davidson B66 Cluster B6 Group Influence of Hip Hop Music on Andes Subculture in Bolivia  
Morgan Davies C59 Cluster C6 Individual Molecular Spectroscopy of Diatomic Sodium Investigating High Energy State Lifetimes Burcin Bayram Physics
Simon DeBruin A18 Cluster A2 Individual Documenting How Mechanical Engineering Students Understand Shear and Moment in Statics Katherine Ehlert Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Avery Diaz C37 Cluster C4 Group Investigating the Efficiency of Nitrogen Fertilizer Dominik Konkolewicz Chemistry and Biochemistry
Evie Dickman C27 Cluster C3 Group Members of Greek Life and Athletics: A Review of The Risk Factors Regarding of The Perpetration ad Victimization of Sexual Assault That Contribute To The Campus Culture at Universities Paul Flaspohler Psychology
Trang Dinh C34 Cluster C4 Individual Engineering an Oncolytic Adenovirus Containing HMGA1-Antisense for Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer Michael Kennedy Chemistry and Biochemistry
Petrina Duffour B33 Cluster B3 Group Breast Cancer Survivorship Among South Asian Women Elise Radina Family Science and Social Work
Derrick Dunn B71 Cluster B7 Individual Structure-Property Relationships in Carbon Nanotube Enhanced Dynamic Block Copolymers  Dominik Konkolewicz Chemistry and Biochemistry
Grayce Dyer A63 Cluster A6 Group Non-invasive and Non-destructive Sensing for Food Quality Control Using Optical Spectroscopy Karthik Viswanath Physics
Michael Easley C63 Cluster C6 Individual Growth Rates and Body Stoichiometry of Juvenile Piscivorous Fish Differ Based on Dietary Phosphorus Content Michael Vanni Biology
Alyssa Ehni C35 Cluster C4 Individual Investigating the Role of the Gut Microbiome in the Onset of Type 1 Diabetes Michael Kennedy Chemistry and Biochemistry
Melissa Elias A64 Cluster A6 Individual College Students’ Willingness to Stop Drinking to Cope Tendencies Rose Marie Ward Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Alyson Everett C24 Cluster C3 Individual An Analysis on the Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Success in School Thomas Fisher Statistics
Dawn Falokun B35 Cluster B4 Individual Power and Privilege: Cultural Ideologies Embedded in Medical Practice that Might Make Intercultural Dialogue More Difficult Vaishali Raval Psychology
Emily Faul C73 Cluster C7 Individual Viral Bacteriophage Lysis Protein: An Investigation of Structure and Dynamics Gary Lorigan Chemistry and Biochemistry
Angelina Fichtner B59 Cluster B6 Individual What is the Connection Between the Misuse of ADHD Medications and Drinking Habits among College Students? Rose Marie Ward Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Thomas Finn B56 Cluster B6 Group Sensing Cellular Metabolism in Turbid Media Using Spectral Phasor Analysis on Uv-excited Autofluorescence Paul Urayama Physics
Yasmeen Fleifil A41 Cluster A4 Individual ATP Binding and Hydrolysis of ER Protein-Folding Chaperones BiP and JB11 Andrea Kravats Chemistry and Biochemistry
Gavin Friedman A56 Cluster A6 Group Environmental Significance in Latin American Literature Caroline Shipley Spanish & Portuguese
Abbie Gannon B30 Cluster B3 Individual Racial Stereotypes and Academic Performance Angela Curl Family Science and Social Work
Cameron Gantz B38 Cluster B4 Group Investigating the Role of NKX6-1 in Lens Development Michael Robinson Biology
Mary Gerding A32 Cluster A3 Individual Changes in Accessing Services for Children with Autism in the European Union; A Focus on Luxembourg Cameron Hay-Rollins Anthropology
Madelyn Gerken A07 Cluster A1 Individual The Effectiveness of Curriculum on Health Disparities Jennifer Bulanda Sociology and Gerontology
Cara Gilmore A39 Cluster A4 Individual Dysregulated Fear in Preschoolers and a Correlation to Anxiety Elizabeth Kiel Psychology
Sean Ginn B11 Cluster B1 Individual Synthesis and Conformational Analysis of Oligo-Pyrazine Foldamers Scott Hartley Chemistry and Biochemistry
Rachel Goode C31 Cluster C3 Individual The Evolution of True Crime as a Cultural Study of Deviance Oana Godeanu-Kenworthy Global & Intercultural Studies
Wolfgang Graff C42 Cluster C4 Wolfgang Graff Honeysuckle Effect on Spring Ephemeral Phenology Richard Moore Biology
William Gregor B50 Cluster B5 Individual The Molecular Evolution of Papain and Papain-Like Cystiene Protease Richard Moore Biology
Khenadi Grubb B49 Cluster B5 Group Discovering Sound Through Indigenous Languages: Cultural Youth Hip-Hop Caroline Shipley Spanish & Portuguese
Jillian Gruber B21 Cluster B2 Group The Effect of Psilocybin on Maternal Behavior Matthew McMurray Psychology
Laurance Haddad B72 Cluster B7 Individual Study of Synthesis of SMA and its Interactions with Lipids to Form SMALPs Gary Lorigan Chemistry and Biochemistry
Rene Halcom A27 Cluster A3 Individual How Plants Adapt to Different Soils: A Phytochemical Comparison of Chamerion Ann Hagerman Chemistry and Biochemistry
Olivia Hall A25 Cluster A3 Group Investigating the Association Between Select Heavy Metals and Infertility in U.S. Women of Childbearing Age: A Cross-Sectional Study Saruna Ghimire Sociology and Gerontology
Melanie Hamon B46 Cluster B5 Individual An Analysis of the Use of Profanity in Informal Text (and What it Can Tell Us About the Community) Aaron Shield Speech Pathology and Audiology
Alexia Harding B65 Cluster B6 Individual The Monitoring of Ethology Through Environments and Enrichment: Analyzing the Human Perception of Captive Animals Christopher Wolfe Psychology
Lauren Haus A65 Cluster A6 Individual Alcohol-Induced Aggression Experienced By Sexual Minority College Students Rose Marie Ward Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Maggie Hennessy C43 Cluster C4 Individual Characterization of Magnetorheological Elastomers under Tensile Loading Jeong-Hoi Koo Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Sierra Hessinger C50 Cluster C5 Group Clustering Regions with Dynamic Time Warping to Model Obesity Prevalence Disparities in the United States Tatjana Miljkovic Statistics
Izzy Hidasi C22 Cluster C2 Individual The Social Network of Hamadryas Baboons: Observing a Group of Captive Baboons at Prospect Park Zoo Kelsey Ellis Anthropology
Ashley Hoegler C01 Cluster C1 Individual Empty Shelves and Empty Calories: The Food-Insecurity Obesity Paradox in American Food Pantries Kelly Abshire Microbiology
Emma Humenay C64 Cluster C6 Group Investigating the Impeding Symptoms of a Hangover on Daily Activities of College-Aged Students Rose Marie Ward Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Brynn Hylton B45 Cluster B5 Individual Impacts of COVID-19 on Deaf Education Aaron Shield Speech Pathology and Audiology
Julia Jacobs A55 Cluster A5 Group Cultural Rap Groups in Latin America and Their Relationships to Discrimination and Representation Caroline Shipley Spanish & Portuguese
Cassidy Jenkins A34 Cluster A4 Individual COVID-19 and Mental Health: Quarantine, Isolation and Social Stigma in the U.S. Cameron Hay-Rollins Anthropology
Ben Jevnikar A51 Cluster A5 Group Effects of COVID-19 on Miami University Students’ Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Health Paul Reidy Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Ben Jevnikar B37 Cluster B4 Individual Physical Inactivity as Hindlimb Unloading in Early Postnatal Mice Negatively Impacts Grip Strength but Not Muscle Size or Myofiber Area in Adult Mice Paul Reidy Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Ben Jevnikar C57 Cluster C6 Individual Physical Inactivity Forms Negatively Impact Grip Strength and Body Composition in Early Postnatal Mice Paul Reidy Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Michael Jimenez A10 Cluster A1 Group Presence and Location of Twin Arginine Transport System in Cyanobacteria PCC 6803 Carole Dabney-Smith Chemistry and Biochemistry
Anai Johnson C38 Cluster C4 Group Japan's Advancing Technology and Tsunami Intensity; A Cost Analysis Dominik Konkolewicz Chemistry and Biochemistry
Annemarie Jones A02 Cluster A1 Group Comparison of a Dual Task and Typical Exercise Program on Physical and Cognitive Function in Adults Helaine Alessio Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Jocelyn Jones C21 Cluster C2 Group The Indus-Ganges River Yildirim Dilek Geology & Environmental Earth Science
Rylee Jung A71 Cluster A7 Individual Risk Consciousness in the Fiction of Don DeLillo Timothy Melley English
Kaitlyn Karhoff A22 Cluster A2 Group High Blood Pressure and Depression in U.S. Adults: a Cross-sectional Study Saruna Ghimire Sociology and Gerontology
Eckhardt Karsten A72 Cluster A7 Individual Study of Factors Associated With E. coli Antibiotic Resistance in Mining Impacted Regions of Southeastern Kentucky and Implications on Stream Health and Risk Assessment  
Liz Kelly A76 Cluster A7 Individual

Removal of DNA Methylation Has a Larger Effect on Meiotic Recombination in Female Meiosis

Meixia Zhao Biology
Matthew Keyser B05 Cluster B1 Individual Retina Regeneration in the Spanish Newt Katia Del Rio-Tsonis Biology
Eleanor Knutson A28 Cluster A3 Individual Do Plant Polyphenols Slow Climate Change? Development of a Folin Assay to Quantify Total Phenolics Ann Hagerman Chemistry and Biochemistry
Julia Kocher A74 Cluster A7 Group UV-LED Photocatalytic Device for Fuel Vapor Emission Control Catherine Almquist Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering
Jovonah Kramer C39 Cluster C4 Group Impact of Conventional vs. Regenerative Farming on Water Dominik Konkolewicz Chemistry and Biochemistry
Katie Kruzich B47 Cluster B5 Group The Sounds of South America Caroline Shipley Spanish & Portuguese
Josie Laing C07 Cluster C1 Individual The Effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Colonization on Leaf and Root Economics in Prairie Plants Jonathan Bauer Biology
Amy Lane A61 Cluster A6 Individual An Examination of the Efficiency of a Commercially Available "Energy Drink" Kyle Timmerman Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Laura LaRocca B67 Cluster B7 Group Women's Soccer Transfer Fees: The Past, Present, and Future Jerred Wang Sports Leadership and Management
Jo Lebrun C02 Cluster C1 Individual Development of an Universal Influenza Virus Vaccine Kelly Abshire Microbiology
Ashley Lefebvre C06 Cluster C1 Group Interactive Data Visualization of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ohio John Bailer Statistics
Emma Leonard A43 Cluster A4 Individual Vulnerability and Agency: The Case of Refugees in the Jungle of Calais Mark McKinney French & Italian and Classical Studies
Hanna Leonard B10 Cluster B1 Individual Longterm Effects of Amur Honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii) and Deer on Forest Floor Plant Composition David Gorchov Biology
Erin Lindberg A48 Cluster A5 Individual Pseudoscience and Ghost Tours in Mansfield, Ohio Leighton Peterson Anthropology
Nick Lipsitt C05 Cluster C1 Individual Public Diplomacy Competition in the United Nations: A Comparative Analysis of Ireland, Norway, and Canada's UNSC Election Campaigns Phillip Arceneaux Media, Journalism and Film
Sarah Loberger C47 Cluster C5 Group Rodent Behavioral and Antidepressant Effects of Psilocybin and Novel Tryptamines Matthew McMurray Psychology
Samuel Long C61 Cluster C6 Individual A Growing Library of Co(II) Coordination Complexes David Tierney Chemistry and Biochemistry
Sean Longbrake C33 Cluster C3 Individual Bipartite-ness Under Smooth Conditions Tao Jiang Mathematics
Bri Louis B15 Cluster B2 Individual Periodical Cicadas: The Potential Effects of Habitat Destruction and Climate Change on the Density and Emergence Timing of Magicicada spp. From 1987 to 2021. Tereza Jezkova Biology
Carolyn Lucyshyn A23 Cluster A3 Group Assessing the Relationship between U.S. Citizenship Status and Oral Health Saruna Ghimire Sociology and Gerontology
Jadyn Lux C66 Cluster C6 Individual The Influence of Sorority Tiers on Drinking Habits Rose Marie Ward Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Courtney Ly C72 Cluster C7 Group Nationalism and Pride Shown Through Country’s Social and Political Issues Caroline Shipley Spanish & Portuguese
Miles Lynn B60 Cluster B6 Individual Social Interaction and its Influence on College Drinking Habits Rose Marie Ward Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Arianna Mack A08 Cluster A1 Individual Food Insecurity and the Healthcare Experience of Adults Living in Over-the-Rhine Michael Conger Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership
Laura Maloney A26 Cluster A3 Group Exploring The Relationship Between Poverty Level and Birth Weight in the United States Saruna Ghimire Sociology and Gerontology
Georgia Mantel B12 Cluster B2 Individual Substituent Effects of Carbodiimide Fuel Reactivity Scott Hartley Chemistry and Biochemistry
Andrew Martinez B74 Cluster B7 Individual Diverse Individuals Experience in Psychotherapy: The Role of Telehealth Vaishali Raval Psychology
Blake McClain B57 Cluster B6 Group Validating an LED-based Spectrofluorimeter System for Monitoring Cellular Metabolic Response in Tissue-like Environments Paul Urayama Physics
Erin McFadden C15 Cluster C2 Individual Decreased Psychological Flexibility Mediation of Body-Related Shame and Insomnia Michael Craven Psychology
Abigail Meikle B61 Cluster B6 Individual How Confidence in the Efficacy of the Covid-19 Vaccine Effects the Drinking Behaviors of College-Aged Individuals Rose Marie Ward Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Morgan Meleca C30 Cluster C3 Group Birth Control Pills and a Woman’s Ability to Get Pregnant Within a Year of Trying: A Cross-Sectional Study Saruna Ghimire Sociology and Gerontology
Sean Melligan B68 Cluster B7 Group Investigation on the Use of Music as a Relief Mechanism for People Under Social Distress, Especially in Latin America  
Cameron Metz A01 Cluster A1 Individual Intention Inertia Facundo Alonso Philosophy
Mallory Millet B62 Cluster B6 Individual Tiers of Influence: Perceived Sorority Rankings and their Relations with Body Image and Drinking Behaviors Rose Marie Ward Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Spencer Minyo B27 Cluster B3 Individual Combating Antibiotic Resistant: Structural and Mechanistic Insights into the Conserved CTX-M-15 Residue E166 Rick Page Chemistry and Biochemistry
Spencer Minyo C29 Cluster C3 Individual Der Krieg und die Krieger im deutschen Film: authentische Perspektiven und Geschichten (War in German Cinema: Authentic Perspectives of the Soldiers' Stories) Mila Ganeva German
AJ Morton A42 Cluster A4 Individual Implications of ERdj6 Mutation on Co-Chaperone Ability and Oligomerization Andrea Kravats Chemistry and Biochemistry
Emma Moughan B16 Cluster B2 Group Measuring Attention and Response Dynamics Across Choice Types Joseph Johnson Psychology
Julia Mumper A33 Cluster A3 Individual "Will They Have to Miss School Again?”: Overarching Concerns With Childhood Wellbeing During the Covid-19 Pandemic Cameron Hay-Rollins Anthropology
Ian Murphy A50 Cluster A5 Individual Planning for Equity and Affordability Amid Transit-Oriented Development David Prytherch Geography
Maya Nathan B63 Cluster B6 Individual Academic Burnout Among College Students and its Relationship with Alcohol-Induced Blackouts Rose Marie Ward Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
John Nguyen B70 Cluster B7 Individual Investigation of Catalytic Oxidation of N-Hexane and Lead Adsorption Isotherm by Characterized Polymer-Inspired Adsorbents Catherine Almquist  Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering
Neon Nyman B04 Cluster B1 Group Mental Health in First Generation Students Carolyn Craig Arts and Science
Magda Odrowaz B13 Cluster B2 Individual Global Health Issue: Neoliberal Ideologies and the Cultural Blame Associated With the Use of Food Assistance Programs in the U.S. Cameron Hay-Rollins Anthropology
Debra Olabode C62 Cluster C6 Individual Society's Use of Language Against Immigrants Zara Torlone Classics
Rachel Olp B01 Cluster B1 Individual Effect of Polydimethylsiloxane Support on Nickel-Based Catalysis in Dry Reformation of Methane Catherine Almquist Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering
Cole Pacini C10 Cluster C1 Individual Determining How the Activation of the DNA-dependent Protein Kinase Impacts Adenovirus Replication Eileen Bridge Microbiology
Alison Page A06 Cluster A1 Individual Perceived Effectiveness of Peer Interaction in Physics Classes Jennifer Blue Physics
Alison Page C48 Cluster C5 Group Estrogen Improves Psilocybin Efficacy Matthew McMurray Psychology
Rukmini Pal B36 Cluster B4 Individual “Straight From the Horse’s Mouth”: Building Credibility for the Use of Equine-Assisted Services (EAS) as an Effective Health Intervention Vaishali Raval Psychology
Raye Palko B41 Cluster B4 Individual Comparing ATAC-seq and RNA-seq Data to Understand How Chromatin Accessibility and Gene Expression Correlate in Differentiating Lens Epithelial Cells Michael Robinson Biology
Grace Passolano B76 Cluster B7 Group The Effect of Protein Supplementation and Resistance Exercise Training on Specific Measures of Muscle Mass Growth: Methods of a Meta-Analysis Paul Reidy Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Logan Patrick C52 Cluster C5 Group Entanglement of Multiple Particles Imran Mirza Physics
Mijares Paulino B69 Cluster B7 Group Hip Hop With Identity in Bolivia  
Camryn Payne C41 Cluster C4 Individual Synthesis of Copolymers through RAFT Polymerization Dominik Konkolewicz Chemistry and Biochemistry
Steven Pepper B09 Cluster B1 Group The Influence Of Media Bias Joyce Fernandes Biology
Emory Perlman B64 Cluster B6 Individual How Has Peer Pressure and FoMO Surrounding Drinking Changed from Before Covid-19 To Now? Rose Marie Ward Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Grace Petryk A44 Cluster A4 Group Effects of Hallucinogenic Psilocybin on Decision-Making and Motivation Matthew McMurray Psychology
Anthony Petulla C58 Cluster C6 Individual Gene Networks Leading to Lens Fiber Cell Differentiation Michael Robinson Biology
Abigayle Phillis A19 Cluster A2 Individual Engaging People with Disabilities in Environmental Education Marcia England Geography
Zoe Platow C49 Cluster C5 Group Consequences of Adolescent Exposure to Benzodiazepines on Ethanol Drinking Behavior in Adulthood Matthew McMurray Psychology
Malorie Plaugher A05 Cluster A1 Individual Using Molecular Biology to Conduct Biogeographic Analysis of the Gammarus Lacustris Species Complex in North America David Berg Biology
Grayson Plotner B51 Cluster B5 Individual Conservacion y Canciones: Agrobiodiversity Zones and Indigenous Knowledge in Peru Caroline Shipley Spanish & Portuguese
Joe Poskin C11 Cluster C1 Group The Fusion of Aerobic and Resistance Exercise: Physiological and Perceptual Responses Randal Claytor Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Gabriella Rapp C20 Cluster C2 Individual Insights Into Cell-cycle Dynamics and Regulation During Lens Regeneration in Pleurodeles Waltl Katia Del Rio-Tsonis Biology
Sophia Ratvasky A15 Cluster A2 Individual Eye of Newt: The Role of Macrophages in Lens Regeneration Katia Del Rio-Tsonis Biology
Julia Razavi C67 Cluster C7 Individual Drinking Motives in College Students: How Have They Changed During the COVID-19 Pandemic? Rose Marie Ward Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Kiara Ream B29 Cluster B3 Group Examining Chromosomal and Gonadal Effects on Stress Responses Using FCG Mice Jennifer Quinn Psychology
Ben Riek C23 Cluster C3 Individual Behavioral Ecology of Wild Woolly Monkeys Vs Captive Woolly Monkeys: Implications for Better Captive Management Strategies of genus Lagothrix Kelsey Ellis Anthropology
Santiago Rivera-Brogan C13 Cluster C2 Group Effectiveness of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Bias Modules at Miami University Carolyn Craig Arts and Science
Alexis Rothchild A75 Cluster A7 Individual Engineering Auto-catalytic CRISPR-Cas Sensors for Ultra-sensitive Lead Detection Kevin Yehl Chemistry and Biochemistry
Harshavardhan Sanaka C18 Cluster C2 Individual Role of Hypoxia on Chick Retinal Pigment Epithelium Reprogramming Katia Del Rio-Tsonis Biology
Aidan Schacht C28 Cluster C3 Individual Bridging the Cultural Gap: Association of Teachers' Cultural Competence and Students' Perception of Inclusivity Paul Flaspohler Psychology
Lauren Schaffer A40 Cluster A4 Individual Role of Nitric Oxide in Immune and Behavioral Responses in Acheta domesticus Kathleen Killian Biology
Kate Schmidt B52 Cluster B5 Individual The Connections in Indigenous Culture Caroline Shipley Spanish & Portuguese
Katie Schuckmann C19 Cluster C2 Individual Establishing Genome Editing Tools for Studying Lens Regeneration Katia Del Rio-Tsonis Biology
Jon Sciortino A45 Cluster A5 Individual Evaluation of the Safety of Various E. Coli Derived Tryptamine Compounds Matthew McMurray Psychology
Grace Seifert A29 Cluster A3 Individual The Life of Winnie Jourdain: An Extraordinary Ordinary Woman Kimberly Hamlin History
Grace Seifert B07 Cluster B1 Individual Girl, Re-Defining: An Analysis of the Unique Ministry, Influence, and Direction of Female Conservative Evangelical Leadership John-Charles Duffy Comparative Religion
Alexis Shull C40 Cluster C4 Group Exploring the Development of Bacteriophages Dominik Konkolewicz Chemistry and Biochemistry
Michael Siino B18 Cluster B2 Individual Creating Vibrotactile Haptic Sensations Using Electro-Rheological Fluids Jeong-Hoi Koo Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Alaina Singh B02 Cluster B1 Individual “There’s No Place Like Home”: Substandard Housing, Economic Instability, and Mental Health in Central Appalachia Joseph Carlin Microbiology
Alaina Singh C71 Cluster C7 Individual Chromosomes Recombine Higher in Male Meiosis in a Maize Hybrid Meixia Zhao Biology
Isaac Smith A66 Cluster A6 Individual Consequences of Lake Browning on Ectoparasite Prevalence and Location on Centrarchid Fish Craig Williamson Biology
Jessie Smith A09 Cluster A1 Group Sexual Assault Awareness at Miami University Carolyn Craig Arts and Science
Megan Snyder A30 Cluster A3 Individual Everything But Carry a Rifle: Examining the Members of the Women’s Army Corps and their Relationship to Guns During World War II Kimberly Hamlin History
Nathan Spence B08 Cluster B1 Group What Do First-Year Miami Students Know About Human Trafficking? Joyce Fernandes Biology
Tristan Sprenger C12 Cluster C2 Group The Effect of Off-Season Training on Aerobic Power in Miami University Club Rowers Randal Claytor Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Kyra Stillwell A38 Cluster A4 Individual Quantum Phase Transition in Partially Cu-Doped ZrNi2-xCuxGa Heusler Alloys Mahmud Khan Physics
Rebecca Stout B17 Cluster B2 Group Psilocybin Mitigates Opioid Withdrawal for Both Female and Male Rats Matthew McMurray Psychology
Aidan Sturgill C16 Cluster C2 Group Investigation of Captopril and QDP-1 for Inhibition of NDM Clinical Variants Michael Crowder Chemistry and Biochemistry
Neha Sunil B43 Cluster B4 Individual A 3D Printable Microscope With Dynamic Patterned Illumination Edward Carlo Samson Physics
Alexander Szymczak C75 Cluster C7 Individual Why Does Reducing fmr1 Expression Cause Males, but Not Females, to Succumb to an Immune Challenge?  
Ethan Tefs A57 Cluster A6 Group Cultural Continuance Through Hip Hop Caroline Shipley Spanish & Portuguese
Henry Testerman C04 Cluster C1 Group Popes and Public Engagement during Trips Abroad: An Analysis of Vatican II Policies Driving Papal Diplomacy, 1964-2021 Phillip Arceneaux Media, Journalism and Film
Celine Thormann C70 Cluster C7 Individual Transposition of Mutator Transposons Increases Recombination Frequency in Maize Meixia Zhao Biology
Abigail Tietjen B54 Cluster B5 Individual Interoception as a Mechanism to Explain the Co-morbidity of ADHD and Eating Disorders April Smith Psychology
Rachel Tortora A31 Cluster A3 Individual Controversies in Fandom: How Shipwars Create Opposition in the Supernatural Fandom Carolyn Hardin Media, Journalism and Film
Sumit Tripathi B55 Cluster B5 Group A Review on the Use of Spectral Phasor Analysis in Cellular Biophysics and Biomedicine Paul Urayama Physics
Joshua Raphael Uy B58 Cluster B6 Individual Modeling Photon Propagation in a 3D Mesh-based Anatomical Model of Human Tissue Karthik Vishwanath Physics
Angelica Vasilatos C76 Cluster C7 Individual Population Analysis of Petitioned Henry's Spider-lily  
Jessica Vazquez-Estrada A58 Cluster A6 Individual Neighbor Discovery in a Multi-Transceiver Free-Space-Optical Ad Hoc Network Suman Bhunia Computer Science and Software Engineering
Rachel Vees C26 Cluster C3 Individual Earthworm Community Composition Variation Under Different Types of Land Management Melany Fisk Biology
Chi Vo A35 Cluster A4 Individual Clustering Individual Differences in Decision Making and Comparing Computation Model Performance Joseph Johnson Psychology
Ava Walker C77 Cluster C7 Individual Alcohol Intake and Antibiotic Use: Intended and Unintended Consequences Among College Students Rose Marie Ward Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Brittany Walterbusch C55 Cluster C5 Group Mice Behavior: Altering Purkinje Neurons Within the Cerebellum Joey Ransdell Biology
Catherine Wasylyshyn B32 Cluster B3 Individual A Role for Serotonin in Mediating Stress-Enhanced Fear Learning Following Exposure to Early Life Stress Jennifer Quinn Psychology
Madeline Webber C14 Cluster C2 Group Psychological Impacts of Hearing Impairments Carolyn Craig Arts and Science
Melanie Weber B26 Cluster B3 Group Critically Evaluating Apps Used to Teach Social Skills to Young Children Arnold Olszewski Speech Pathology and Audiology
Ivan Wehner A49 Cluster A5 Individual The War on "Science" in the #ClimateChange Echo Chamber Leighton Peterson Anthropology
Aiyana White A13 Cluster A2 Individual Periods Rock!! The Severity and Impact of Period Poverty Jacqueline Daugherty Western College
Cassidy White B34 Cluster B4 Individual Ageist Attitude and Aging Anxiety in Undergraduates Elise Radina Family Science and Social Work
Cassidy White C54 Cluster C5 Group Grandchildren Caring for Grandparents Elise Radina Family Science and Social Work
Ryan Williams C56 Cluster C6 Group Effect of Early Life Physical Inactivity on Skeletal Muscle Macrophage and Extracellular Matrix Content in Adulthood Paul Reidy Kinesiology, Nutrition and Health
Kevin Woeste B20 Cluster B2 Individual A Petrographic Analysis of Shonkinites in the Adel Mountain Range Claire McLeod Geology & Environmental Earth Science
Julia Wojtowicz B40 Cluster B4 Individual Genome Wide Identification of Active Promoters in Neonatal Mouse Lens Chromatin Michael Robinson Biology
Thomas Woods B25 Cluster B3 Individual Modeling the Economic Cost of Obesity Risk and its Impact on Excess Mortality and Morbidity in the United States Tatjana Miljkovic Statistics
Chelsea Worrell B31 Cluster B3 Group Does Social Buffering Ameliorate the Effects of Early Life Stress? Jennifer Quinn Psychology
Isabel Wrolstad B73 Cluster B7 Individual Bury Your Gays: How Fandoms React to the CW's Pattern of Killing Off Its LGBTQ+ Characters Carolyn Hardin Media, Journalism and Film
Noshin Yesmin C03 Cluster C1 Group Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy Dispersions Calculated with the MOND External Field Effect Stephen Alexander Physics
Anton Yushanov C25 Cluster C3 Individual Interactions Between Limiting Nutrients in Northern Hardwood Forests Melany Fisk Biology
Juliana Zacher C45 Cluster C5 Individual Emergency Room Visits by Older Adults: Mental Health, Isolation, and Pain Management Suzanne Kunkel Sociology and Gerontology
Selina Zang B24 Cluster B3 Group R Package 'obcost' Tatjana Miljkovic Statistics
Elizabeth Zenni C68 Cluster C7 Individual Isolating the FCRL1 and SHIP-1 Interaction Domain Timothy Wilson Microbiology
Camryn Zuch A53 Cluster A5 Individual The Effects of Male Competition and Lighting Conditions on Courtship and Copulation Success in Rabidosa rabida (Araneae: Lycosidae) Ann Rypstra Biology