Miami University's success depends upon messaging and visual identity strategies that are compelling and consistent across all communication outlets in order to grow enrollment and increase brand awareness.

Communications Goal

To establish and grow Miami's influence, reputation, and ranking as a leading public university that prepares students for lifelong success in a vibrant campus community that values academic rigor, character, intellect, and serving the public good.



Branding Success is measured by an increased, well-known and highly-ranked reputation.

Branding Goal

To establish and protect Miami's reputation through consistent brand use, coherent messaging and compelling visual strategies.

Our Plan

We will establish branding for a stronger identity and reputation by considering these key factors:

  • Identity: Develop a distinct visual identity along with brand-specific messaging points
  • Position: Produce unified, compelling messages and experiences across all communication outlets
  • How We Tell Our Story: Creatively integrate Miami's brand tenets, promise, and characteristics throughout all marketing materials.
  • Evaluate: Guide internal users in applying the brand in their areas of expertise to leverage consistent and coherent brand messaging for a unified, energized brand front in all marketing outlets.




Marketing Success is measured by tracking results through such methods as enrollment growth and institutional engagement through social media and online advertising.

Marketing Goal

To attract and retain high-achieving students; to inspire peer influencers to help with increasing rankings; to influence government leaders in determining policy issues; and to deepen an understanding of Miami's brand identity with all constituent bases.

Our Plan

We will market institutional offerings and reputation by considering these key factors:

  • Identity: Determine target audience (i.e., prospective students, alumni, government leaders, faculty, staff, board of trustees, peer leaders)
  • Position: Distinguish Miami from competitors
  • How We Tell Our Story: Use strategic opportunities, social media, website, publications, media/public relations, and advertising to reach audiences effectively.
  • Evaluate: Measure results to determine effectiveness of advertising, social media, digital media, website, and public relations through the use of analytics, user feedback, and general ROI responses.