UCM Consulting and Services

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Our staff offers consulting to ensure best practices and adherence to brand and accessibility guidelines. We can help you plan and organize your marketing campaigns through design, print, graphics, photo, and video and connect you with our verified freelancers for jobs that we can't complete in house. We also offer assistance through our self-service tools.

Brand Review and Approval Process

Marketing and Creative Services

UCM provides professional consultation and creative design services to the university community. Our staff is here to guide you in the best marketing, promotional, and graphic solutions for your project, event, or campaign.

Photo and Video Services

Our photographers and cinematographer provide high-quality images for use in news releases, publications, and the university's website.

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Our social media staff engages in ongoing "conversations" with our students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, colleagues, fans and friends about what is most important to them, extending the community found on the Miami University campus to the world.

News and Media Relations

Our news team provides public relations, media relations, and communications services and resources, as well as administrative information for members of the Miami community.

Brand Strategy and Licensing

Our staff regulates the commercial use of the University's name and all identifying marks, both on and off campus, to ensure the protection of Miami’s excellent reputation and maintain high standards of use.

Web Marketing

Miami's website plays a key role in the development and projection of the University's image and in the delivery of its key messages. Our team manages web services and training for the campus community.

Miamian Magazine

Miamian magazine highlights alumni, student, faculty, and staff connections to the university, updating readers on campus news and events, arts, sports, and what’s happening in classmates’ lives, such as new marriages, babies, and careers.

Executive Communications

The director of executive communications provides content and strategy support to the president and other university leaders, including the President's Report, the Diversity & Inclusion Report and regular communications with students, faculty, staff, alumni and other higher education leaders.

Enrollment Communications and Marketing

The EMC team engages with campus partners in support of their events for and communication with prospective, admitted, and enrolling undergraduate students as well as students' families, school counselors, and community-based organizations.

Communicators' Forum

Led by UCM, these forums offer information on current marketing topics, special working group sessions, networking opportunities, and training and development for Miami's marketing and communications professionals. Collaborative subgroups are also available for a deeper dive into more targeted topics.