Marketing and Communications Approved Freelancers

To provide the Miami community the resources needed to use the university’s brand effectively and establish brand consistency across all divisions, University Communications and Marketing has partnered with Purchasing and Human Resources to launch a UCM Approved Freelancer Request for Information (RFI) form.

All marketing and communications freelancers or independent contractors that are interested in working with the university must submit an application and be approved through the RFI process.

Individual divisions or departments will no longer create or approve marketing and communications freelancer or independent contractor agreements.

List of Miami-approved Freelancers

Freelancer Process

  1. Review the RFI.
    • You will need to register as a supplier in the system first. Once you are registered, navigate to the Bid tab, where you can search for RFI 1220211730 (Freelancer for University Communications and Marketing). If you have any questions about navigating the portal, please contact
  2. If you're interested in performing freelance marketing and communications services for Miami and you feel you meet the qualifications listed in the RFI, submit your response to
    • Please disclose if you will be filing your taxes for this work as an individual or business
  3. UCM will review all responses. You will be notified if your response has been approved or denied.
    • For graphic design freelancers, a 30 minute call will be scheduled with our Director of Creative Services during the review process.
  4. If approved by UCM and the freelancer is an individual, the response will be submitted to Human Resources to ensure the freelancer meets the qualifications of an independent contractor.
    • Freelancers cannot serve as Miami employees in the same calendar year.
    • Freelancers who are companies can skip this step.
  5. If approved, we will send the freelancer a draft of an agreement for signing and request supplemental paperwork be completed.
  6. Once the agreement has been executed, the freelance will be set up as a vendor in the university’s accounts payable system.
  7. After the freelancer has been established as a vendor in the accounts payable system, they will be added to the official UCM approved freelancer list and their contract rate will be posted.
  8. The freelancer will be sent Brand Training that needs to be completed prior to starting work with the University.

Miami-approved Freelancers

Audio Services

Audio Service Freelancers
Freelancer Rate Contact Email
Creative Circle $120/hr Keara Egbers 

Graphics Design

Graphic Design Freelancers
Freelancer Rate Contact Email
Aldeia $100/hr Lilianna Pereira 
BLDG $100/hr Jay Becker
Creative Circle $100/hr Keara Egbers 
Krista Frederick $85/hr Krista Frederick 
Liz Hein Design $95/hr Liz Hein 
Needed Creative $85/hr Seth Trench 
Paige Hake $100hr Paige Hake 
Phil McLeod $85/hr Phil McLeod
Polyrythm Studio $100/hr Alyse Capaccio 
Sarah Fisher Design $85/hr Sarah Fiser 
Valerie Hoffman Design $85/hr Valerie Lawson 
Whitford Creations $100/hr Brad Whitford 


Photography Freelancers
Freelancer Rate Contact Email
Creative Circle $150/hr Keara Egbers
Polyrythm Studio $100/hr Alyse Capaccio 


Videography Freelancers
Freelancer Rate Contact Email
Awesome Films $125/hr Diane Rankin 
Creative Circle $150/hr Keara Egbers 
Dispatch Video, LLC $150/hr Mathew Baker 
I'AMedia $150/hr Joshua Porter 
Polyrythm Studio $100/hr Alyse Capaccio 
RESLV $150/hr Scott Thompson scott@reslv 
RiverSky Films $150/hr Simion Collins 

Web and Digital

Web and Digital Freelancers
Freelancer Rate Contact Email
Creative Circle $150/hr Keara Egbers 
Pressbuilt LLC $100/hr Mark Walker 


Writing Freelancers
Freelancer Rate Contact Email
Creative Circle $100/hr Keara Egbers 
Hard Beat Communications Different per Service Felicia J. Persaud 
Mary Dillon $75/hr Mary Dillion 
Shelly Kelley $100/hr Shelly Kelley 
Val Prevish $100/hr Val Prevish