Study Abroad: India

From a student:

"The people part and the religion part intertwined to help me with personal relations. This trip really helped me with cultural competence. It's going to make a difference in my career path."  

Elizabeth Spidel

Theme: Religion, Family, and Well-being in India

If you are a student of psychology, religion, or global health, this study abroad experience was specifically designed for you. Our itinerary combines visits to Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Muslim, and Christian sacred sites with visits to psychology departments, counseling centers, NGOs, non-profits, and women's rights organizations.

This trip will give you cross-cultural perspective on family relationships, gender, emotion, child-rearing, and mental health. Having experienced the tremendous cultural diversity within India, you will come home with new abilities to think critically about culture's role in understanding psyche and behavior.

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This video features the India trip along with a trip to Thailand: