Dr. Noriko Tsunoda Reider

Dr. Noriko Tsunoda Reider

Professor of Japanese

Japanese Language Table Advisor

Irvin Hall 149
(513) 529-2522


Fall '21 (202210)

Tuesdays | 2:45pm-3:45pm
Wednesdays | 10:30am-11:30am
Thursdays | 2:45pm-3:45pm
And by appointment.
Email for appointment if virtual meeting needed.
Virtual meetings held via WebEx.



1997 - Ph.D. - The Ohio State University, Japanese Language and Literature
1990 - M.A. - The Ohio State University, Japanese Language and Literature
1987 - M.A. - Sophia University, Japan
1986 - Master’s Certificate, Dai Nippon Sadō Gakkai (Tea Ceremony)
1982 - A.B. - Sophia University, Japan


  • Japanese tales of the supernatural and folklore
  • Classical, medieval, and early modern Japanese prose and drama
  • Japanese film
  • Japanese history and culture


  • JPN 201 - Second Year Japanese
  • JPN 202 - Second Year Japanese
  • JPN 231 - Japanese Tales of the Supernatural in English Translation
  • JPN 255 - Drama in China and Japan in English Translation
  • JPN 260 - Topics in Japanese Literature in English Translation
  • JPN 266 - Survey of Japanese Cinema: Japanese Film and Culture
  • JPN 279 - Buddhism and Culture: China and Japan
  • JPN 301 - Third Year Japanese
  • JPN 302 - Third Year Japanese
  • JPN 401 - Fourth Year Japanese
  • JPN 402 - Fourth Year Japanese


  • Nomination, Outstanding Professor Award, Associated Student Goverment, Miami University. 2007.


  • Visiting research scholar at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken)
  • Publication, Reprint, Exhibition, and Performance Costs (PREP) award, Miami University
  • Grant for Short-term Research Travel by the Northeast Asia Council (NEAC) of the Association for Asian Studies  (AAS)
  • Hampton Fund for Faculty International Initiatives, Miami University
  • Small Grant to Improve Teaching, Miami University
  • Summer Research Appointment, and Grant to Promote Research and Scholarship, Miami University, 1999.



  • Mountain Witches: Yamauba. Logan: Utah State University Press, June 2021.
  • Seven Demon Stories from Medieval Japan. Logan: Utah State University Press, 2016.
  • Japanese Demon Lore: Oni, from Ancient Times to the Present. Logan: Utah State University Press, 2010.
  • Tales of the Supernatural in Early Modern Japan: Kaidan, Akinari, Ugetsu Monogatari. New York: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2002.

Book Chapters

  • "The Life and Lore of Oni." In Yokai: Ghosts, Demons & Monsters of Japan, edited by Felicia Katz-Harris. (Museum of New Mexico Press, 2019).
  • "Excerpts from Japanese Demon Lore: Oni from Ancient Times to the Present (2010)." In The Dark Side: A Super-Villian Reader, edited by Robert M. Peaslee and Robert G. Weiner. Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi.
  • "Remaking a Chinese Ghost Story in Japan," in Crossing the Yellow Sea: Sino-Japanese Cutluural Contacts, 1600-1950. Edited by Joshua A. Fogel (Connecticut: EastBridge, 2007): 117-31. First published in 1999.


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  • 「『長谷雄草紙』―鬼と学者と鬼造美女」(“Haseo sôshi: oni to gakusha to kizô bijo,” The Tale of Lord Haseo: Literati, Demons, and Beauty Created from Dead Bodies). The Tradition and Creation of Yokai Culture: From the Viewpoint of Inside and Outside. Ed. Komatsu Kazuhiko. The 45th International Research Symposium. Kyoto: International Research Institute for Japanese Studies (2015): 109–117.
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  • "Image of 'Yamauba and Spinning Wheel' and the Noh plays Yamanba and Kurozuka." Paper delivered at the 68th Midwest Conference on Asian Association. Michigan State University, Michigan October 2019.
  • “Yamauba(zō) ni tsuite no ichikōsatsu” (A Thought on An (Image) of Yamauba). Paper delivered at Kokusai nihon bunka kenkyū sentā kikan kyotengata kikan kenkyū purojekuto: Taishū bunka no tsūjiteki, kokusaiteki kenkyū ni yoru atarashii nihonzō no sōshutsu. International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, 2019.
  • "Violence in Traditional Japanese Literary Contexts: Legends of Yasaburo Basa." Paper presented at Association of Japanese Literary Sudies conference, Oberlin College, Ohio February 2018.
  • “Mountain Witches: yamauba, market, and yamauba-gyaru.” Paper presented at Annual Meeting of American Folklore Society. Buffalo, New York. 2018.
  • “Violence in Traditional Japanese Literary Contexts: Legends of Yasaburō Basa.” Paper presented at Association of Japanese Literary Studies conference, Oberlin College, Ohio. February 2018.
  • “Devouring and Helping Yamauba in Folktales: Two Sides of One Coin.” Paper presented at Asian Studies Conference Japan, Rikkyo University, Tokyo. 2017.
  • “‘Tsuchigumo sôshi’: Beauty, Demon, and Earth Spider.” Paper delivered at Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs, Western Michigan University, Michigan. 2012.


  • “Oni to kijo to yamauba to – yamauba to oni no kankei” (Demons, Female Demons, and Mountain Witches – Relationship between mountain witches and demons). Deliverd at the 329th Nichibunken Forum at Hātopia Kyoto, Kyoto, 2019.
  • “Souls in Objects in Japanese Belief: Tsukumogami.” For the “21 Gram” Symposium at Craft Museum of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China. November 2018
  • “Warrior Demon Conquerors.” For the Institute for Japanese Studies Lecture Series, the Ohio State University. 2017
  • “Supernatural World of Medieval Japan Otogizōshi: the Tale of Lord Haseo.” For Japanese Studies Lecture Series: Religion, Art, and Gender. University of Cincinnati. 2014
  • ‘Tales of Lord Haseo’: Literati, Demons, and Beauty Created from Dead Bodies.” Lecture/paper given at the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, Japan 2013


  • Association of Japanese Literary Studies
  • Ohio-Japan Alumni Network
  • Midwest Japan Seminar
  • Association for Teachers of Japanese
  • Association for Asian Studies
  • The American Folklore Society
  • Phi Kappa Phi, honorary fraternity.


  • Japanese (native)
  • English (near-native)