Graduate Certificate Programs

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Graduate student research
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There are a variety of graduate certificate programs that can augment Microbiology graduate student training, helping graduates attain specific career objectives. These include:

Applied Statistics Certificate

Applied statistics is a 12 credit-hour program meant to complement graduate work in another (non-statistics) program. Coursework includes topics in basic and more advanced statistical methods as well as programming. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the program, a student must take classes from multiple departments to count towards the certificate.

Ecology Certificate

This program brings together faculty and students, with interests in ecology, from various departments. Ecology is by nature an interdisciplinary subject that crosses departmental boundaries. The program provides students with educational experiences that reflect this interdepartmental nature, and facilitates interdepartmental collaborations and interactions among students and faculty.

Certificate in College Teaching

The certificate in College Teaching serves to provide graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with the opportunity to develop their pedagogical knowledge and skill in an interdisciplinary manner that facilitates the development of teacher-scholars. In addition, the Graduate Student Teaching Enhancement Program (GSTEP) is available to promote the effectiveness of graduate students as teachers at Miami University.