Coming Back to Share Talent with Students

Both are well known in their fields, but they have never forgotten the years they spent at Miami University.

Now the two journalists -- Wil Haygood and Terence Moore -- are back on campus to share their years of experience with students and are enjoying the impact they can have on today’s Miami students.

Haygood , a Columbus, Ohio native, came back to Miami with aspirations to be the working journalist he would have loved to meet during his time in 1972 to 1976.

“It would be very unselfish to return to my beloved alma-mater and share my journalist book writing experiences with students,” said the former Washington Post reporter and the author of “The Butler.”

Moore, a sports journalist based in Atlanta, has been given back to his alma mater as well, serving on the alumni board as well as co-teaching a feature writing class in the journalism program.

“I feel like I have to pinch myself everyday, because it doesn’t seem possible, and just goes to tell you that anything is possible,” Moore said. “But I have to tell you, being a student back in ’74-78, I always knew that I would be back here in Oxford, Ohio whether it was teaching or doing something. But being here and actually doing it, is surrealistic.”

Haygood and Moore have become an important part of the Department of Media, Journalism & Film. Moore taught an advanced storytelling course in the fall and Haygood will come back to teach two courses – one writing and one film course -- in the spring.

Haygood said he has spent time traveling the south covering race issues and politics as well as serving as a foreign correspondent now living in Washington DC. He has also written numerous books and was an associate director on his best seller, The Butler.” His most recent book about Thurgood Marshall is titled “Showdown: Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court Nomination that Changed America.”

He referred to himself as a cultural historian. “What’s important to me as a writer is to teach students about the sacredness of the crafting,” Haygood said. “Writers must wade through this so that people wanting a clearer understand of what’s going on will be able to read it.”

Haygood spends his days assisting students in a way through which he would have appreciated when he was a student.

In 1978, Moore graduated from Miami University with a degree in finance. However soon after graduating, he began working at the Cincinnati Enquirer as a sports journalist, a position that launched his successful career as a sports journalist writing for both major and minor news outlets such as and Today, Moore said he teaches his students about the various ways to tell a story through journalism.

Moore’s biggest point is to teach his students something he learned at Miami from his own professors: To show that he cares about the students. He said his students learn what they need to know before stepping out into the real world, and he believes it is important to not only teach from theory, but to teach from experience.

Moore, who grew up in South Bend Indiana, said he believes that similar to Notre Dame, Miami has an ability to change all while staying exactly the same. “Miami is Magic.”

Abbey Sanderson and Allie Prosinski, interns for the College of Arts & Science, reported this story.