"Educating and Empowering Girls to End Trafficking"

October 21, 3:30-5pm

Speaker Deepa Willingham is the Founder/Chair of Promise of Assurance to Children Everywhere (PACE) Universal and is a former student of Mother Teresa …

"Rhythms of Resistance: Music as Protest in the U.S. and Brazil"

October 21, 5-6:30pm

Through a discussion and performance of various musical genres from soul to jazz to Tropicália and Música Popular Brasileira, this presentation will explore the ways in which people in Brazil and the United States have not only voiced their resistance to slavery, race-based oppression, economic disenfranchisement, and in the case of Brazil, military dictatorship, but also created a narrative of transcendence and pride …

Astronaut Lands At Miami University

October 21, 7-9pm

Capt. Robert L. "Hoot" Gibson will share his experiences while on board the following five Space Shuttle missions: the 1984 Challenger, 1986 Columbia, 1988 Atlantis, 1992 Endeavour, and 1995 Atlantis which docked with the Russian Mir space station …

"Exiled in the American Century: Revisiting the Hollywood Anti-Nazi Film"

October 23, 4-5:30pm

Dr. Sabine Hake from the University of Texas at Austin will be giving a lecture about the representation of National Socialism in the context of U.S. cinema …

"Global Rhythms - Voyages of the Soul"

October 24, 7-9pm

This Family Weekend event features music from Scotland, Argentina, Guinea, China, and India  …

"Public Secrets and the Rise of the U.S. Security State"

October 27, 11:30am-12:50pm

Tim Melley, Miami University, gives this lecture as part of the Havighurst Center Colloquia Series Secrecy, Sovereignty, and Power: Eurasia  …

"Fe Sin Fronteras: Borderlands Pentecostalism & the Rise of Agribusiness 1909-1969"

October 28, 5-6pm

Lloyd Barba, University of Michigan, delivers this lecture as part of the Passionate About Latin America & the Caribbean series …

"Indigeneity vs. 'Civilization': Indigenous Alternatives to the Anthropocene Eco-Crisis"

October 30, 5-6:30pm

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