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Indian Film Festival

November 4-7

Long-term Impact of Study Abroad

November 6, 4-6pm

Many of the 18 of the last 9 Outstanding Young Alumni honored on campus this week studied abroad. Come learn about their experiences, and the long term impact the experiences on them, both personally and professionally …

"The Evolving Interface of U.S. Spanish: Language Mixing as Hybrid Vigor"

November 6, 5-6:30pm

"No Justice, No Peace: Violence, Ignorance, and Racial Insensitivity"

November 6, 6-8pm

Professor José Medina delivers this Robert T. Harris Lecture in Philosophy …

Multicultural Leadership Conference

November 7-8

The Opening Ceremony kicks off the Multicultural Student Leadership Conference and serves as a social networking event for student organizations. Diversity Affairs Council hosts this event as way to introduce other organizations to one another as well as first-year students to DAC …

"Getting to Know You: The KGB and Soviet Surveillance State"

November 10, 11:30am-12:50pm

Amir Weiner, Stanford University, gives this lecture as part of the Havighurst Center Colloquia Series Secrecy, Sovereignty, and Power: Eurasia  …

"'We are the People': Berlin, Tiananmen, and the Legacy of 1989"

November 12, 5:30-7:30pm

This panel discussion will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the events of 1989 by having each of 6 panelists from the Miami faculty speak about their personal memories, impressions, and family experiences of the protests of 1989 in China and in eastern Europe …

"Humans and Things in Deep Time"

November 13, 4-6pm

The speaker Daniel Lord Smail is professor of history at Harvard University, where he works on deep human history and the history and anthropology of Mediterranean societies between 1100 and 1600. Deep history draws on multiple disciplines to tackle the very long-term story of us, taking our gaze back before the written word  …

Chinese Singing Competition

November 14, 5-8:30pm

The Confucius Institute at Miami University is proud to announce the 2014 Chinese Singing Competition at Miami University! We would like to invite you and your students to participate in this event. The competition is for non-native Chinese speakers to sing Chinese songs …

"Contested Memory of the Cultural Revolution in Contemporary China"

November 17, 7-9pm

Professor Rae Yang's, Dickinson College, talk will address the Chinese state's current unwillingness to acknowledge the suffering that the Cultural Revolution caused and reluctance to allow an open and honest historical reckoning with that period in China's recent past …

East Asian Studies Forum

November 18, 5-7pm

East Asian Studies Committee presents STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in Asia …

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    The International Studies program (ITS) is an interdisciplinary major in the College of Arts and Science. Students can earn a Bachelor's degree (BA) in International Studies. We believe that most global problems and issues are too complex to be understood through a single disciplinary perspective. Student learn about the world through a multiplicity of lenses. All of our students are expected to study abroad.

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