Career Opportunities: The Sequence to Your Success

Miami alum Brendan Naples on the job photoYour liberal arts degree opens the door to an increasingly diverse range of career opportunities.The critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills you develop in the College of Arts & Science are the very skills sought after by employers, skills that are necessary for a successful career:

"Miami humanities majors 2nd in nation for return on investment."

"Employers say college students should acquire liberal arts knowledge."

Know What You Want

The first step in the development of your career begins with determining your interests, your talents, your goals, and your values. Many Miami CAS graduates pursue professional or graduate school, while others are employed in business, education, government, industry, or service. What is a good fit for you?


Identify Your Options

Explore the variety of majors and minors that we offer. Most majors prepare students for many types of jobs. Find the course of study that will lead you to your successful career. Need some more advice?

Watch these videos:

Execute Your Plan

Start now to build the foundation for your career success while at Miami. CAS Academic Advising provides a detailed checklist for each year to help you build that foundation:

Current Jobs in the Liberal Arts

This listing of entry-level job vacancies focuses on a wide variety of liberal arts and humanities disciplines and jobs requiring a broad skill base. It is published first and third Fridays of each month.
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