IMS Majors

IMS Major: Digital Concentration A student writes on a whiteboard as classmates look on

IMS Major: Digital Concentration

The IMS Major, Digital Concentration is for students who are interested in careers / post-graduate paths where they position themselves as a digital expert.

IMS Major: Applied Concentration AIMS students work at a computer with glasses and styluses

IMS Major: Applied Concentration

The IMS Major, Applied Concentration is for students who have a second major and wish to position themselves as an expert in applying digital technology to that field.

Games + Simulation Major A row of students concentrate on computer screens as they build or test their games

Games + Simulation Major

The BS in Games + Simulation* prepares students for a career in game design, development, 3D modeling, creative development, writing or designing, esports, and games in other industries.

*Currently awaiting final approval