How to apply

The following steps must be completed in order for us to evaluate your application. Furthermore, first priority for admission and financial aid is given to applicants whose materials are received by  February 1. If you have any questions about, or problems with, the application process, please contact us via email at cecgrad(at) or by phone at 1-513-529-0340. 

Step 1: Fill out the Miami online graduate application form, and pay the application fee

Step 2: Send transcripts

You must have your undergraduate institution mail two official copies of your transcript to the Miami University Graduate School. Instructions on where to send transcripts should be included in the email you received after completing the online application form.

Step 3: Take required examinations, sending scores to Miami University

Take the GRE, submitting your scores to Miami University. 

All non-US students must demonstrate proficiency in English. Most students satisfy this requirement by taking the TOEFL. See the Graduate School English proficiency requirements page for more information, and other ways of fulfilling the requirement.

Step 4: Get three letters of recommendation

We require three letters of recommendation. In most cases letters should come from a college instructor, research supervisor, or work supervisor.  Letters of recommendation should be submitted to us directly via email to cecgrad(at)

Step 5: Submit personal statement of purpose

The last item we require is a personal statement of your reasons for applying to our program. Your statement of purpose should be submitted to us directly via email to cecgrad(at)

Step 6: Waiting for results, and keeping in touch

You may wish to contact us via email at to make sure that your application is complete, and that we have received all of your materials. 

We generally make admissions decisions and our initial round of financial aid offers in March, though it usually takes some additional time for students to be officially notified. If you have not heard from us, you may feel free to contact us to ask for an update on your status. 

We continue to make financial aid offers throughout the spring until all graduate assistantships have been distributed.