Combined BS/MS degree

The MME Department offers the opportunity for undergraduates to combine their studies with a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. One principal potential benefit of a combined program is the reduced time required to complete the degrees compared to completing them sequentially. Another is close advisement by a faculty member early in studies at Miami.

Students can declare their interest in the combined program anytime during their academic career at Miami, from the time they apply for undergraduate admission. Up to 6 or 9 credit hours may be double-counted for non-thesis and thesis degree options, respectively. The actual number of hours double-counted may vary due to the student's undergraduate preparation. A minimum of 150 hours is required for the combined program; 120 semester hour minimum for a bachelor's degree and 30 hour minimum for a master's degree.

Undergraduate Preparation:

Students in the Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Department with a declared major in Mechanical Engineering and/or Manufacturing Engineering can apply for early admission into this MS degree. Students from other majors are welcome to apply and should contact the graduate program director for advice. To be considered for the combined degree program, applicants should have completed the engineering courses recommended for the first two years of study and their prerequisites. Preferably, they should have taken or be taking MME 312 and MME/ECE 303 at the time of application.

Application Procedure:

Students applying should follow the procedure outlined. Be sure to check “combined program” while filling out the Miami online graduate application. Transcripts, however, do not need to be submitted. Also, students having a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher are not required to take the GRE. Admitted international students meeting the University’s TOEFL requirement do not need to re-take this test.


Provisional Admission: Students may be admitted on a provisional basis to a specific combined program anytime during their academic career at Miami, from the time they are admitted for undergraduate admission.

Full Admission:  Upon earning a minimum of 64 credit hours and having a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or greater, students may apply for admission to the combined program.  Regular time-limits for completing the master’s degree apply to students in a combined program (see the Graduate School Handbook for more information).

Part time students can be admitted if they have the equivalent credit hours and cumulative GPA of the full-time students.

Student Classification and Graduation: 

Students in a combined program will remain as undergraduates until they apply for graduation or submit a request to the Graduate School to have their classification changed from undergraduate to graduate.  Students must have completed a minimum of 128 hours to be classified as a graduate student (note: this change in classification will affect eligibility for financial aid).  Students may receive their bachelor’s degree prior to completing their master’s degree.  Upon receiving the bachelor’s degree, students will automatically be classified as graduate students.  Students receiving the bachelor’s degree prior to completing the master’s degree can count up to 9 hours of graduate course work toward their bachelor’s degree with permission of the appropriate advisor(s) and dean(s) or their designee(s).  Those hours can also count toward the completion of their master’s degree.