Undergraduate Permission to take Graduate Courses

Undergraduate students who have earned 64 or more credit hours and have a GPA of 3.00 or greater may request permission to enroll in 500 or 600 level graduate courses. Students must obtain permission from the instructor, the department chair, and the Dean of the Graduate School.  Students may count up to 9 credit hours of graduate course work toward their undergraduate degree.  With permission of the appropriate advisor(s) and dean(s) or their designee(s), these students may count the graduate courses toward their major, minor, electives, and university requirements.  Graduate courses taken in this manner will be treated as graduate level CGS (non-degree) courses.  A maximum of 9 credit hours may count toward a graduate degree program at Miami (see Miami Bulletin). Undergraduate hours will not count toward the graduate degree.

Students should speak with an advisor and the course instructor before seeking permission to enroll in a graduate course.

To apply, complete the undergraduate permission form. The form is due the FIRST day of classes during a term.