Faculty Writing Groups

The Howe Center for Writing Excellence provides intensive opportunities for faculty to make progress and receive support and feedback on their own writing projects.

Faculty writing groups for 2018-19 have been formed, and the kickoff was September 20, 2018 at Cru. The groups meet regularly, commit to writing consistently throughout the year, and provide feedback to their writing partners. 

The writing groups for 2018-19 are:


Group 1

  • Martha Castaneda, Teacher Education
  • Tani Sebro, International Studies
  • Elizabeth Wardle, English/HCWE

Group 2

  • Erik Jensen, History
  • Gaile Polhaus, Philosophy
  • Tammy Brown, History/GIC

Group 3

  • Helane Androne, Interdisciplinary and Communication Studies
  • Caryn Neumann, ICD
  • Madhu Sinha, English
  • John Cinnamon, Anthropology
  • Lori Parks, Humanities and Creative Arts
  • Jennifer Yamashiro, Art History

Group 4

  • Elena Albarran, History/GIC
  • Annie Dell’Aria, Art History
  • Ann Elizabeth Armstrong, Theatre
  • Daisy Hernandez, English

Group 5

  • Todd Edwards, Teacher Education
  • Scott Sander, Teacher Education
  • Jose Amador, GIC/Latin American Studies

Group 6

  • Tereza Jezkova, Biology
  • Carrie Hall, Psychology
  • Mark Sidebottom, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Group 7

  • Rosemary Pennington, MJF
  • Marianne Cotugno, ENG and LLW
  • Theresa Evans, English
  • Gina Petonito, Social and Behavioral Sciences

Group 8

  • Lizzie Hutton, English/HCWE
  • Elizabeth Keslacy, Architecture and Interior Design
  • Sarah Brady Siff, MJF
  • Alex Thurston, Political Science/Comparative Religion

Group 9

  • Naaborle Sackeyfio, International Studies
  • Kazue Harada, GRAMELAC (Japanese)
  • Youn Ki, Political Science
  • Lindsay Schakenbach Regele, History