Procedure for Using Observation Cameras to Record Classes

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Procedure for using observation cameras to record classes

If, prior to the start of a course, the faculty member anticipates recording classes or students and such recording will only be viewed by students within the class, then the faculty member is advised to note in the syllabus that the class will be recorded. Example of proposed syllabus language is as follows:

This class will be recorded and broadcast on the internet to students in this class. These recordings may contain your image and your voice. You must notify me as soon as possible if you DO NOT want your image and your voice contained on the video. Arrangements will be made to not include you in the recording.

Regardless of whether there is a note in the syllabus or not, if a faculty member opts to utilize recording as part of a class and such recording will only be viewed by students within the class, the faculty member should verbally notify the students in the course when the recording will take place. The faculty member should advise students that they are not obligated to be recorded and should make arrangements for those students who do not wish to be recorded. Access to viewing the recording must be limited to students within the course. If the recording is placed on a public web server then access must be limited to course participants by means of authentication

In the event that a faculty member intends to show the recording to an audience other than the course participants, then the faculty member should advise the students what the recording is to be used for and must obtain a Consent for Recording and Sharing of Class Session by all the students who will be appearing in the recording. The faculty member shall make appropriate arrangements for those students who opt not to be recorded or revoke their consent, but those students’ voice participation may be recorded.

Control of and Access to observation camera recording capabilities

The faculty member will be responsible for control of the recording process during the class. The ability to access the recording capabilities of observation cameras will be limited to the faculty member using the observation cameras for legitimate educational purposes, as well as authorized technical support staff.

Records Retention

The faculty member shall keep the signed consents as a permanent part of the class record. Both the consent forms and the recordings shall be maintained in accordance with the University’s record retention schedule.