Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of 11 members—nine voting members and two student nonvoting members. The nine voting members are appointed one each year for nine-year terms by the governor of Ohio, with advice and consent of the Senate. A term expires on the last day of February of the year listed. The two student nonvoting members are appointed for two-year staggered terms by the governor, with advice and consent of the Senate. The date in parentheses indicates the year of appointment.


Mark Ridenour portrait

Mark E. Ridenour
2020 (2011)
B.S., Toledo

Robert Shroder portrait

Robert W. Shroder
Vice Chair
2021 (2012)
B.S., M.S., Youngstown

Thomas Gunlock portrait

Thomas W. Gunlock
2023 (2017)
B.S., M.A., Centerville

Jagdish Bhati portrait

Jagdish K. Bhati
2019 (2010)
B.E., M.S., Cincinnati

Additional Members

David Budig portrait

David H. Budig
2022 (2011, reappoint 2013)
B.S., Cincinnati

John Pascoe portrait

John C. Pascoe
2024 (2016)
B.S., Worthington

Sandra Collins portrait

Sandra D. Collins
2025 (2016)
B.S., M.S., J.D. - O.S.U., Toledo

Rod Robinson portrait

Rod Robinson
2026 (2017)
B.S., M.B.A., Cincinnati

Zachary Haines

Zachary Haines
2027 (2018)
B.S., Cincinnati

National Trustees

Robert Coletti portrait

Robert E. Coletti
2020 (2014)
B.S., J.D., Cincinnati, OH

Diane Perlmutter portrait

Diane F. Perlmutter
2020 (2014)
B.A., Landrum, SC

John Altman portrait

John Altman
2019 (2013, reappoint 2016)
B.A., M.A., D.H.L., Reno, NV

Terry Hershey portrait

Terry Hershey
2019 (2013, reappoint 2016)
B.A., M.P.A., M.B.A., Denver, CO

Student Members

Hallie Jankura portrait

Hallie G. Jankura
2019 (2017)

Megan Cremeans

Megan Cremeans
2020 (2018)