Full-Time Temporary Faculty - 2022-2023

Changes/Updates to Manual Instructions

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EPAF Quick Tips | Full-Time Temporary Faculty
Field Entry
Query Date 08/01/2022
Approval Category Faculty FT Re-Hire, All Campuses, FAFTRO
Position and Suffix

Select Position/Suffix from All Jobs list that matches the appointment (Instructor or Visiting Assistant Professor) to which the person is being reappointed

Jobs Effective Date

Factor 9; Pays 9:                  08/18/2022

Factor 9; Pays 12:                09/01/2022

Personnel Date 08/15/2022
End Job Record Dates

Factor 9; Pays 9:                  05/17/2023

Factor 9; Pays 12:                08/31/2023

End Job Personnel Date 05/13/2023
Routing Queue
(Note change *)
Level 10 Academic Personnel Reviewer Choose Jennifer Perry (perryj5) *
Level 45 Chair/Director/Supervisor Choose appropriate chair
Level 50 Dean Choose appropriate Dean Designee (not the actual dean)
Level 60 VP and Provost Choose Bess Sprockett (sprocke)
Level 90 HR/Academic Personnel (applier) Beth Matix (Matixb)
Comment Field

To be entered by originator: Campus; Department Name; Title (Visiting Assistant Professor or Instructor).