STEP and Pedagogy EPAFs - August 2022

Classes that are taught in August only:  Pedagogy courses for graduate assistants and STEP courses. 

Use the academic-year part-time faculty EPAF and departmental position number (not summer). 

This income counts as summer income; the load does not count in the fall semester credit-hour load. 

Pay date:  Direct deposit on August 31, 2022 (if EPAF/acceptance processed on time).

Please refer to EPAF Quick Guide for specifics not covered below.

EPAF Quick Tips | STEP and Pedagogy
Field Entry
Query Date 08/01/2022
Approval Category Faculty PT Credit Hour Hire, Oxford, FAPTRO
Position and Suffix

REAPPOINTMENT:  Select Position/Suffix from All Jobs list appropriate to position being reappointed. 


Note:  It’s likely that this faculty member hasn’t had a “JOB” in the part-time position number before; if that’s the case, complete New Job fields with position/suffix for your department.


Oxford: 75, 76 and 77

Hamilton: 80, 81, and 82

Middletown: 85, 86, and 87

Contract Type Overload for faculty with a current, full-time position
Job Begin Date Same as Current Value; if no Current Value: 08/01/2022
Job Effective Date


Personnel Date Actual first date of work
FTE & Hours/Pay See Chart Below
Factors & Pays 1 and 1
Annual Salary Pedagogy courses = special pay plan; STEP courses = summer calculation
Payroll ID


Account Code 

Oxford: 111420

Hamilton or Middletown: 111810

Earn Code FPY
End Job Record Dates

Effective Date:  08/31/2022
Personnel Date: Actual last date of work

Routing Queue
(Note Change *)
Level 10 Academic Personnel Reviewer Choose Jennifer Perry (perryj5) *
Level 45 Chair/Director/Supervisor Choose appropriate chair
Level 50 Dean Choose appropriate Dean Designee (not the actual dean)
Level 60 VP and Provost Choose Bess Sprockett (sprocke)
Level 90 HR/Academic Personnel (applier) Beth Matix (Matixb)
Comment Field

To be entered by the originator:  Campus (where course is offered); Course Number; Section; Credit Hours; Term; WEB or Face-to-Face or Hybrid (indicate how course will be instructed)

*EPAF Quick Guide  and EPAF Quick Tips available at:  Choose “Info For Administrators”; then EPAFs; then EPAF Quick Tips.

FTE and Hours Per Pay
Credit Hours FTE Hours per Pay
1 .04 16
2 .08 32
3 .13 48
4 .17 64
5 .21 80
6 .25 96