Academic Personnel Services EPAF Quick Guide

Information needed before you begin

  • Quick tips provided by Academic Personnel-via email from Bess Sprockett (This will have updates, suffix , Approval Categories, Account codes, Earn codes, FTE and Hours Per Pay)
  • Employee’s Banner number
  • Position number and suffix
  • Start Date (Which will be referred to as Personnel Date)
  • Credit Hours
  • Rate of pay
  • Time sheet org code (Department Org)

Creating a new Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF)

  1. Log into myMiami and click the BannerWeb icon
  2. In BannerWeb, click Employee Services Online
  3. Click Electronic Personnel Action Form
  4. Click New EPAF

Completing the Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF)

NEW EPAF Selection page: 1

  1. Enter the Banner number, then tab to show the name
  2. Enter Query Date (First day of the first month of payment, in mm/dd/yyyy format)
  3. Choose the Approval Category to identify the type of EPAF you wish to originate. The Approval Category determines the routing queue and the terms of employment
  4. Click GO

New EPAF Job Selection page: 2

  1. In the NEW JOB box, enter the position number and Suffix (use each one time), and then click GO.
  2. Click All Jobs to see the person’s list of previous jobs.
    • If you find the position and suffix you need for the EPAF you are originating, click the Select button in the appropriate row to reappoint to this specific job/position. Click GO.
    • If no previous/jobs match, build a New job/position

Electronic Personnel Action Form page

Enter all the details for the position. (See Quick Tips)

  • Some fields are pre-filled and are not available.
  • Fields with red asterisks are required and must be completed
  1. Contract Type: Enter as Primary, Secondary or Overload
  2. Job Begin Date: If the employee has never held this position number and suffix, enter a Job Begin date equal to the Query Date.
    • If the person has held this position before, the Last Paid Date appears right after the Approval category line, position number and suffix. Copy the current Value Begin Date into the New Value Job Begin Date field
  3. FTE and Hours Per Pay: refer to Quick Tips. This will correspond to the number of credit hours and the pay dates.
  4. Factors and Pays is the number of payments (If paid all in one month, then 1 factor and 1 pay)
  5. Annual Salary: Total salary for this assignment.
  6. Timesheet Orgn: Enter the numeric org code for the home department.
  7. Index code: verify that this code corresponds with the correct department and position
    • If the index needs to be changed, enter the correct code into appropriate field and click the Default from Index under the row.
    • After the Default from Index tab is used the Account Code will be blank. You must enter the account that is required for the contract you are originating. Make sure the percent equals 100.
  1. Account Code Number (Example 111420-Faculty Temp Part-Time): used to identify type of employee based on E-class, type of payment, and contract
  2. New effective Date: same as the Query Date
  3. Click SAVE and Add A Row
  4. New Effective Earnings: Enter FPY (fall, winter, spring) FSM (summer) for the earn code
  5. Hours Per Pay: Use the same hours per pay as above
  6. New Effective Date: same as your Query Date
  7. Click SAVE and Add A ROW

End Job Record section

  1. Enter the Job Effective Date (the last day of the last month of payment).
  2. Enter the Personnel Date (The last day of the work/semester/class).
  3. Complete the Routing Queue.
  • If the Routing Queue is not pre-filled from the Default Routing Queue, navigate to the magnifying glass across from each line and select the proper name choosing Approve under Required Action (For Level 90, choose Apply).

Comment Section

  1. Enter Campus; Course#; Section; Credit Hours; Term
  2. Enter any special notes as needed. Note the last comment entered is what prints on the faculty member’s contract.

Finalizing the Transaction

  1. Click SAVE.
    • The confirmation message Your change was saved successfully will appear.
  1. Click SUBMIT.
    • The confirmation message The transaction has been successfully submitted will display. The EPAF will appear in your Originator Summary as Pending
    • If there are errors, a message will state that an error occurred and the transaction was not submitted.
    • Not all errors will need to be cleared. The error message IPEDs and Total FTE for this employee exceeds one as of the eff date can be ignored.

Common Errors and Troubleshooting

*** ERROR*** Employee already has a primary job.

This error means the employee already has a primary job in banner system. Please call Academic Personnel to help resolve the error.

*** ERROR***Begin Date Must equal the first job Detail effective Date.

The error typically appears when a value is present in the Begin Date field and at New Effective Dates is not the same as the query date.

***ERROR***Job Effective Date must be greater than the last paid date

There are three places within the EPAF where you must enter the NEW Effective Date. Go back and check all Effective Dates and make sure they are the same. (Should match the Query Date)

Always make sure your EPAF has a created and submitted date. Without this this EPAF has not been routed to the next person in the routing queue for approval.