Ethics Compliance

External Services Requests (Conflicts of Interest / Commitment)

The close relationship Miami has with the community along with the growth of sponsored research, consulting contracts, staff involvement in the management of private businesses, and similar developments in recent years have increased the complexity of the relationships between the University, government, and industry.

One of the consequences has been an increase in the potential for conflicts of interest between the University obligations a faculty or staff member has and the obligations he or she may assume in extramural activities involving sponsored research, private business ventures, consulting, etc.

Request permission

Complete the External Services Request for permission to accept a consulting or service activity outside of the University.

Your Responsibilities as an Employee of the State of Ohio

The State of Ohio requires all of its employees to be aware of the Ohio Ethics Law and related statutes.

Reporting Fraud to the Auditor of State

According to Ohio Revised Code 117.103, the Auditor of State of Ohio is required to maintain a system for reporting of fraud, including misuse of public money by any public official or office.

Tips or complaints of fraud in Ohio’s governments may be made at any time by any public employee or private citizen. Fraud may be reported by using the Auditor of State's website, U.S. Mail, the Auditor of State’s Fraud Hotline (1-866-FRAUD OH or 1-866-372-8364), and the Ohio Stops Fraud mobile app.