Program Leadership: Steering Team


The Academic Program Incubator Steering Team oversees the program and includes:

  • Carolyn Haynes, Senior Associate Provost (chair)

  • Greg Brainard, Senior Director, Miami Online

  • Lindsay Carpenter, Assistant Provost, Budget

  • Michael Crowder, Chair, Graduate Council

  • Many Euen, University Registrar

  • Bethany Perkins, Director, Admission (Oxford)

  • Padma Patil, Associate Vice President, Institutional Research

  • Amanda Means, Regional Director, Enrollment Management

  • Kevin Messner, Associate Librarian and Head of Instruction

  • Jessica Rivinius, Interim Vice President, University Communications and Marketing

  • Brody Ruihley, Chair, Council of Undergraduate Curriculum

This team is responsible for ensuring that the mission and procedures of the Academic Program Incubator Program are advanced, evaluating the overall effectiveness of the program, and making changes as appropriate. 

The team also will invite additional stakeholders to participate in program consultations.  The stakeholders selected will depend on the nature and type of program.  Examples include:

  • Associate dean of the division where the program will be housed and where there may be a similar or related program

  • General Counsel if the program anticipates needing advice on compliance matters

  • Director of Center for Teaching Excellence for programs that advance innovative pedagogy

  • Director of the Howe Center for Writing Excellence to ensure that the program incorporates writing instruction