Academic Advisor Roles and Responsibilities

Professor speaks to his class in language lab, CAS
Professor Scott Hartley, wearing protective glasses, talks with students in the lab, CAS

Listed below are the different types of academic advising roles at Miami University, along with their general advising-related responsibilities. Although each academic division/campus may have some variations in these roles and responsibilities, all generally follow the descriptions below.

Assistant Deans & Regional Directors of Advising

  • Oversee and coordinate policies, procedures and administrative functions relating to advisement within the academic divisions, in alignment with University guidelines
  • Serve as members of UAAC
  • Ensure that lead departmental advisors and professional staff advisors are trained and current on academic advising policies and practices
  • Coordinate the delivery of high-quality advising that is consistent with University standards across the division
  • Serve on Interdivisional Committee of Advisors and consider petitions
  • Coordinate academic advising for Summer Orientation for new first-year students, incoming transfer students, and international students
  • Oversee graduation certification
  • Oversee divisional assessment of academic advising and provide information for institutional academic advising assessment 
  • Oversee the assignment of advisors to students
  • Coordinate divisional academic intervention processes, and collaborate with campus partners to provide university-wide intervention initiatives
  • Support faculty advisors working with students issues that extend beyond academic (e.g. psychological and medical issues, personal crises, etc.)

Lead Departmental Advisors

  • Ensure that faculty advisors are trained in advising policies, procedures, and guidelines
  • Assign student advisees to faculty advisors
  • Serve on divisional petition committee
  • Support and implement divisional and university initiatives and interventions
  • Facilitate DARs exceptions and graduation checks/certifications
  • Facilitate meetings with students experiencing academic difficulty or special circumstances
  • Oversee departmental assessment of advising 
  • Teach UNV 101 (optional)

Faculty Advisors

  • Assist students in developing academic plans that include Miami Plan and major requirements, as well as curricular and experiential learning opportunities 
  • Engage in academic advising professional development opportunities 
  • Provide internship and career exploration as appropriate
  • Assist students with major declaration
  • Refer advisees to other departments, programs, and resources
  • Teach UNV 101 (optional)

Professional Staff Advisors & Student Success Navigators

  • Provide one-on-one academic advising to new students and students identified as in need of interventions to support their success
  • Support students' progress towards timely degree completion
  • Assist with New Student Orientation advising
  • Provide academic interventions for students identified as needing additional support
  • Engage in proactive advising practices with students and share information with lead departmental advisors, professional advising colleagues, and students
  • Support faculty advisors as needed
  • Collaborate with residence life staff to support students' transition to college
  • Teach UNV 101, when possible
  • Engage in academic advising professional development opportunities