Summer Fees

Professor Teaching

Tuition will be charged on a per-credit hour basis, based on the student's campus. A regional campus student will pay regional campus tuition and fees, unless taking the majority of hours at Oxford, in which case Oxford tuition and fees apply. All current Summer Term tuition and fees information may be found online via the One Stop.

Summer 2019 Course Fees

Your fees for each term are based on the per-credit-hour charge for the campus indicated. There are no maximum rates; students are charged for each hour registered throughout the summer. To avoid a late charge, please pay your fees by the first day of the course in which you are enrolling.

You will be billed in April for any Summer Term courses for which you have registered. You may receive statements on a monthly basis throughout this Summer for additional miscellaneous charges and fees and additional fees related to summer registration activity occurring after the initial billing in April. Please note that it is your responsibility to clear all fees by the first day that a class meets, even if you have not yet been billed for the class. If you have questions about your balance, please contact the One Stop at or 513-529-0001 (Oxford) or 513-217-4111 (Regionals).

Summer 2019 Credit Workshop Fees

Please note that some workshops require travel or other expenditures in addition to the tuition fee.

Many workshops can be taken either for graduate or undergraduate credit. The requirements and fees differ according to which option you choose. Fees are assessed based on number of semester hours granted, residency status, campus, and level of the workshop.