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Boldly Creative Process

Miami University's strategic plan, MiamiRISE, calls for the University to innovate and thrive in a rapidly changing environment, invest in proactive solutions, and invigorate our process and culture to clear pathways for creative solutions.

In keeping with these objectives, the Boldly Creative: Strategic Academic Enrichment Initiative was a competitive process to generate and fund promising academic programs, pioneering and cross-disciplinary projects, and other cutting-edge learning initiatives that meet the following criteria:

  • Advance knowledge in the professional fields considered most in demand throughout Ohio, the region, and the nation.
  • Prepare students with the versatile skills and mindset to meet the needs of a demanding and dynamic workforce, with an emphasis on 21st-century liberal education outcomes for success.
  • Advance Miami’s reputation for excellence and innovation in broad, trans- and inter-disciplinary areas of research and pedagogy.
  • Develop/enhance partnerships from the government, non-profit, corporate, higher education, and/or health care sectors to enhance programming and learning outcomes.
  • Promote one or more objectives and recommendations of the strategic plan.
  • Demonstrate a long-term sustainability plan that generates net new revenue by increasing enrollment beyond the residential capacity of the Oxford campus or from external sources. This may include programming that offers professional credentials, develops increased e-learning offerings that will attract students beyond Oxford’s residential population, and/or supports growth on Regional Campuses.

From 2019-2021, teams of faculty submitted detailed proposals which focused on:

  • Specific Aims and Goals
  • Broader Impacts
  • Target Audience
  • Academics
  • Budget and Timeline

Proposals underwent a multi-level review process that included an initial review based on their anticipated financial performance followed by an evaluation by academic deans who made recommendations to the President and Provost. Deans also often sought input from other stakeholders that had expertise in the proposed project.

Proposals were rated as follows:

  • Excellent: All criteria clearly met - Funded fully
  • Very Strong: Most criteria clearly met - Funded at a reduced level
  • Strong: At least half criteria clearly met - Recommend revision for resubmission next year
  • Not competitive at this time: Major revisions needed - Consider resubmission

“Excellent” and “Very Strong” Proposals were approved for funding, and funding has been released in annual increments.

Proposers with funded projects are required to submit annual progress reports which are reviewed carefully by academic deans. Continued funding has depended upon successfully achieving clearly articulated annual goals. Funding will continue for projects that are meeting outcomes until 2026.

Because of the success of the Boldly Creative Initiative, the Office of the Provost launched the Miami Academic Program Incubator (MAPI) in fall 2022. MAPI allows faculty to submit new program ideas or plans for significantly revising existing programs for success and receive a consultation and possible funding.