University Break Housing

General Information

During break periods when the residence halls and university are closed (Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break), students typically leave campus. However, we understand that occasionally students may have a need to stay on campus in their assigned building and room.  Students who have a need to be on campus must request to do so. Students who are part of a University-approved activity, group or team should be submitted as part of a Group Housing Request by the group or team's coach or faculty/staff adviser. Group Housing Requests are submitted through Team Dynamix. 

View the calendar for break periods.

Students who are not part of a group may request to stay on campus during a break period by using the appropriate break housing form found on their Online Housing Account before the break period begins.

Students submitting requests should include specific details explaining the need to be on campus during the time residence halls are closed. The nightly charge is determined based on the student's tuition promise cohort (see chart below), and is added to their Bursar bill. When a student registers for break housing, access is assigned to their ID card.

There will be limited meal service provided during break periods and the University will be closed most of the time. Armstrong Student Center will have limited hours during breaks. King Library usually has some limited hours during the breaks. Visit the Armstrong Student Center and library website for more details.

Break Housing Rates

Break Housing Rates
Tuition Promise Cohort Daily Rate Winter Term Block Rate (Discounted Rate if taking at least one class) Winter Term Block Rate (Non-Discounted, no class)
2016-2017 $37.00 $466.00 Daily Charge
2017-2018 $37.00 $466.00 Daily Charge
2018-2019 $38.00 $466.00 Daily Charge
2019-2020 $39.00 $466.00 Daily Charge
2020-2021 $40.00 $466.00 Daily Charge
2021-2022 $41.00 $466.00 Daily Charge
2022-2023 $42.00 $466.00 Daily Charge
2023-2024 $44.00 $466.00 Daily Charge

Heritage Commons Residents

Residents of Heritage Commons will not incur additional charges for any break or Winter Term periods, as their contract covers the entire academic year. However, Heritage Commons residents must still complete the online request form so that their card access will continue to work. We ask that residents submit a request their Online Housing Account before the break period begins so that their door access will continue to function properly.

Urgent Safety Concerns During University Breaks

Residents staying on campus during the breaks who need urgent/safety assistance should call either the Miami University Police at 513-529-2222 or the Residence Life staff member on duty at 513-330-2005.

Winter Term Details

Residence halls will be open and on-campus housing is optional during the Winter Term. Students taking Winter Term courses who wish to live on campus during this period must have a current year Housing & Meal Plan Contract on file in order to reside on campus during any part of the Winter Break or Winter Term periods.

Resident students who are registered for at least 1 credit hour on the Oxford Campus during Winter Term, and already have a Residence Hall & Meal Plan Contract for the academic year, will receive a discounted housing rate of $466 if they choose to stay on campus during the Winter Term. These students must  sign up for housing through their Online Housing Account before Winter Term begins so that card access can be programmed properly. Learn more about Winter Term here.

Students who have a need to stay on campus during Winter Term (without taking any on-campus class) must follow the Break Housing procedures outlined on this website by providing documentation of the specific need, and will be charged the non-discounted block rate. These students should also submit their request using their Online Housing Account before the Winter Term begins.

Spring Early Arrival Requests

Without a specific need to be on campus, students are not permitted to return to campus prior to Saturday, January 27, 2024. A request must be submitted in order to return on this day and students will be billed their daily cohort rate for early arrival, as the official return day for students is Sunday, January 28. Students who have travel reasons to arrive early before Spring Semester hall opening should make arrangements to stay off-campus with a friend or make hotel reservations. Students who access their room without approval will be billed the unapproved rate of $55/day. Spring Early Arrival Sign up will begin in early January.

Break Housing Agreement & Guidelines

Miami University is pleased to be able to provide support to students by allowing access to university housing during break periods. The following provisions are required in order to gain the privilege of residing on campus during these break periods:

I understand my student ID card will allow me access to the residence hall and room to which I am assigned during the period of time for which I have been approved to stay during this break.

I understand that by submitting the form, I will be charged for the dates that I requested.

I understand and agree that I will be charged a daily rate per night to stay in my room during the approved break period. This charge will appear on my university Bursar account. I understand that there is a reduced price for Winter Term if I am registered for a winter term course.

If I should leave early or decide not to stay during the break period, I will contact the Residence Life staff member who is on duty by calling 513-330-2005.

I understand I am expected to adhere to tenets of personal and social responsibility, and, therefore, I am subject to the Student Code of Conduct during the break period.

I understand that visitation is restricted to Miami University students during the break. I am responsible for my guests and may face sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct if my guests violate any policy.

I understand that dining options on campus will be unavailable or limited during the break period.

I understand that some utility [water, heat and/or air conditioning] maintenance work could occur during this break period resulting in service interruptions.

I understand that during the break period, lighting in the public areas (hallways/living rooms/study areas/lobby) of the building will be switched to "Quiet Hours" mode for energy conservation purposes.

I understand that housekeeping services, as well as Residence Life staff members will be limited during the break period.

I understand that for assistance I should call either the Miami University Police at 513-529-2222 or the Residence Life staff member on duty at 513-330-2005.