Olga Filatova

Olga Filatova

Visiting Assistant Professor
ACE and English Faculty



PhD in Education Science, Russian Academy of Education 2002

BA and MA degrees in Secondary Education with teaching majors in English as a foreign language and German, Tatar State University of Humanities and Education Kazan, Russia 1998

  • Student-centered approach to teaching
  • Cultural and social adaptation of international students to new cultural and academic environments
  • Native vs. non-native speaking teachers in TESOL
  • Students' personal and cultural experiences as a motivating factor in learning
  • Student-centered and project based approach to teaching, flipped classroom activities
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Filatova's article "More than a Word Cloud" is under review for the TESOL Journal in the '21st Century Language Skills' section. She is working on a chapter for the book Teachers and the Negotiation of Fluid Privilege and Marginalization in the Field of ELT.