3+1 Undergraduate Program

Operated within the Department of English at Miami University, the 3+1 Undergraduate Program offers SYSU students a stimulating variety of courses in English studies taught by faculty in the Department of English. SYSU students, in close consultation with both their own professors and faculty advisers in the Miami’s English Department, take courses in literature, rhetoric, writing, as well as linguistics. Once on campus they all will be mentored by Miami faculty and enjoy all other privileges accorded to Miami students.

SYSU students can participate in 3+1 for one semester or for one academic year (two semesters). Upon successful completion of all approved course work (either in one semester or in one academic year) with a grade point average of 2.75 or above, each student will be awarded a Certificate by the Department of English in recognition of his/her accomplishments at Miami. In addition, all credits earned at Miami are transferrable to SYSU.

Who can participate in 3+1 ? When can they start?

All current SYSU students are welcome to apply for 3+1.Qualified students must demonstrate records of academic excellence and will be selected after a screening process to be determined by their home departments. Second- and third-year SYSU students are particularly encouraged to apply.

What type of visa will be issued to 3+1 students? Is there a minimum number of credit hours legally required of international students per semester?

F-1 student visas will be issued to 3+1 students. The minimum number of credit hours per semester legally required of international students with F-1 student visa is 12. On average Miami students take 14 to 16 credit hours per semester.

What is the cost of participating in 3+1 at Miami University?

Like any other international undergraduate students on Miami’s (main) Oxford campus, SYSU students participating in 3+1 will pay non-Ohio resident tuition. See Miami University's One Stop page for 2016-2017 tuition and additional fees SYSU students will pay in 2016-2017 either for one semester or for one academic year.

Is there any scholarship available for SYSU students?

Miami University is prepared to offer $1,000.00 to each participating SYSU student to help offset the cost associated with participating in 3+1.

Where can participating SYSU students live while studying at Miami?

Students can live either in a campus residence hall or in an apartment off campus. We strongly encourage students to live on campus so that they can take full advantage of campus culture and life at Miami.

Is there any orientation program for SYSU students participating in 3+1  at Miami?

Miami offers an extensive orientation program—including airport pickup—for all new international students including 3+1 students. The orientation program takes place over a two-week period prior to the fall semester and one week before the spring semester. The orientation includes official duties such as visa check-in, health center check, numerous presentations and local excursions, and personalized assistance to each student. See the orientation activities at http://www.units.miamioh.edu/internationalprograms/admitted.php.

Is there support for SYSU Annual Visiting Scholars at MIAMI as a result of this program?

Yes, there is. SYSU sends a number of teachers and/or graduate students to Miami’s English Department as visiting scholars each year. Starting in fall 2013, a portion of the revenue from the out-of-the-state surcharge will be used to support these visiting scholars. The actual amount is tied to the number of participating students and is capped at 15% of the out-of-the state surcharge portion. Specifically,

  1. If enrollment reaches 5, 5% of the out-of-the state surcharge portion will be used for SYSU visiting scholars.
  2. If enrollment reaches 10, 10% of the out-of-the state surcharge portion will be used for SYSU visiting scholars.
  3. If enrollment reaches 15 or more, 15% of the out-of-the state surcharge portion will be used for SYSU visiting scholars.

Who is the contact person for 3+1  at Miami?

If you have questions about 3+1, please contact Dr. LuMing Mao, professor and chair of the Department of English, at maolr@miamioh.edu or 513-529-5221.