Charles Blades

Producer Stats + Stories

Charles Blades graduated from Miami in December 2017. He grew up in Colerain Township, Ohio before moving to Hamilton. He earned degrees in journalism and political science.

He currently works for the MJF department as a producer for a podcast series called “Stats + Stories.” As a producer, he schedules guests as well as doing the mixing for the podcast. In a week, he can produce up to four podcasts.

Blades became interested in producing because he is a big podcast fan. He has his podcast about gaming and other topics he’s interested in. His favorite pod-cast is Vox’s “The Weeds” and “Kinda Funny.” He chose to come to Miami because of its proximity to home and would give him the most opportunities.

In the future, Blades would like to work on larger projects in the podcast field and digital media. In his free time, he plays video games, watches movies, and listens to music, especially hip-hop.

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