Leping You

Assistant Professor of Strategic CommunciatonLeping You

Leping You received her master's and doctorate degrees in public relations from the University of Florida. You’s research interests center in 1) corporate political advocacy (CPA) and civic engagement on social media; and 2) value congruence in corporate-consumer relationship management. You’s research focuses on answering two overarching questions in strategic communication: what are the factors that affect publics’ evaluation of a company’s social and political advocacy stance? How should corporations do to motivate publics to take supportive actions on social media in response to the CPA stances that contribute to positive social change? 

You’s work has been published in several peer-reviewed academic journals including Telematics and Informatics, Public Relations Review, Public Relations Journal, and Environmental Communication. You has been awarded the Arthur W. Page Center Research Grant from Penn State University during 2019-2020.

Prior to pursuing her doctorate, You worked for two years in the Life Science Department of TransPerfect in New York and Hong Kong as a project manager. While at TransPerfect, You was in charge of clinical trials based communication projects for several leading U.S. pharmaceutical companies including Novatis, Gilead Sciences, and Pfizer, etc.

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