Lindsay Snyder (Class of 2010)

  • photo of Lindsay Snyderworks in Human Resources at Epic Systems Corporation Madison, WI
  • Mathematics and Statistics major (BS)
  • from Centennial, CO

Lindsay recently returned to campus to discuss how talented Miami students are a good fit with Epic Systems Corporation. She talks about her experience as an undergraduate at Miami and offers advice for CAS students.

How Did You Choose Miami?

"I always knew I wanted to go to Miami—it was actually the only school I applied to. The size, the culture, the campus, all just seemed perfect to me. My parents met while abroad in Luxembourg, so that program was a huge draw for me. When I first stepped foot on the Oxford campus, I was sold."

Were There Any Surprises During Your First Year at Miami?

"Learning to live by myself was an adjustment. Grocery shopping, making my own schedule, and balancing fun with challenging academics were all new to me. MTH 331 definitely took me by surprise. Until then, math had been a breeze for me. I couldn't fathom the abstract-ness of it."

What Did You Like Most about Miami?

"My favorite thing about Miami was the campus. Everything from the red brick buildings to the vibrant fall colors on the hundred-year-old trees. The setting really seemed to cultivate ideas and foster creativity."

Did You Follow in Your Parents' Footsteps and Travel to Luxembourg?

"I was determined to study abroad in Luxembourg during my time at Miami, so I jumped on it and went during my sophomore year. It was everything I imagined it would be. I saw 16 countries, had countless adventures and mishaps, and met who are currently some of my best friends. I currently live with one of them—she works with me at Epic. The learning experience of being on your own in Europe is a challenging and mind-opening one that I would absolutely recommend to everyone."

What about Leadership Opportunities?

"I was known among my friends as the broomball captain. I captained countless seasons during my time at Miami. I've carried that role to Madison as well. I captain many sports, and I even found a broomball league. At Miami I also held a leadership position on the Waterski Team and took part in the Honors program."

You Were Recently on Campus to Talk about How Epic Might Engage Miami Students. Why, in Your Opinion, is a Miami CAS Grad a Good Fit with Epic?

"Epic provides opportunities for smart, driven people to make a real difference in an important industry. With the right motivation and determination, you can affect the way healthcare is received for literally millions of people. The recent growth of Epic, along with the creative culture, fosters an environment where even the newest employee can make a huge difference.

"With the amount of training provided at Epic, the only requirements are raw intelligence and a drive to make a difference. I've seen so much of that at Miami, and I've already seen many of my fellow Miami grads do great things at Epic, so I have high hopes for other CAS grads."

What Advice Would You Give CAS students as They Begin the Job Search?

"Connecting with your interviewers is important. Try to be more a person than a piece of paper. Make it a conversation rather than a battering of questions. More importantly—be yourself, and don't be shy about it. Many interviewers look for confidence first and foremost, whether they realize it or not. A person who is confident and comfortable opens his or herself up to opportunities. You're a smart person if you've come this far—flaunt it!"

[September 2012]