Una Hrnjak (Class of 2010)

  • photo of Una HrnjakStrategy and Organization Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton, Washington, DC
  • Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs major
  • Women's Studies minor

"When I started my undergraduate experience at Miami, I was committed to attending law school. My liberal arts education dramatically changed this plan for me and taught me that a liberal arts degree rarely forces students to just one career path.

"During my time at Miami, I participated in the Inside Washington program. I spent one semester in DC, interning at a communications and public affairs firm and immersing myself in the city. Because this experience presented me with new opportunities that aligned more strategically with my plans for the future, I deferred my decision to attend law school.

"Classes in diverse topics such as women's studies, foreign affairs, and zoology, prepared me to address client demands in the PR world. Prior to my current position, I interned for several communications firms. My work required me to respond to clients in the private sector, government, and NGOs, and covered a wide range of issues. Using an interdisciplinary perspective, I was able to evaluate situations from a variety of viewpoints and provide the best strategic counsel possible to my clients.

"Many people believe you cannot get a job at Booz Allen Hamilton without specialized technical skills, but the skills I gained through my degree have proven to be of great value to my employer. I am capable of adapting to changing client expectations and environments, and I can communicate, write, solve problems, analyze information, and interact with a wide variety of people. These skills have made me successful in the communications industry despite my limited academic exposure in the field.

"Next fall, I will start an MA program in international communications at the American University's School of International Service. I know with confidence my liberal arts degree positioned me best for acceptance into this program and will continue to make a lasting impact on my life."

[March 2012]