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Havighurst Center Advisory Committee

The Havighurst Center Advisory Committee is comprised of faculty, staff and administrators from Miami University, who advise the Director on initiatives pertaining to the mission of the Havighurst Center and strategize ways to promote them, as well as to develop and discuss possible future projects between the Center and other partners. Each member, with the exception of the Director, serves a two-year appointment.


Renee Baernstein, HST and Associate Dean, CAS (ex officio)
Venelin Ganev
, POL (2023-2025)
Jack GreenDirector/Chief Curator, MUAM (2023-2025)
Stephen Norris, HST and Director, Havighurst Center (Chair, continuing)
Rosemary Pennington, JRN/MJF (2023-2025)
Daniel Prior, HST (2023-2025)
Jennifer Wistrand, ITS/GIC (2023-2025)