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Alumni and Student Features and Highlights

Student Feature: Victoria Lopez Rangel

In summer 2021, Victoria studied abroad in Spain, which facilitated both academic and personal growth. Her most memorable course from the abroad curriculum focused on the history of various cultures, which ultimately forged a greater understanding and appreciation of her own. This experience permitted her to immerse into the Spanish culture especially through exercising her linguistic skills and learning how to create traditional cuisines.

Upon graduation from Miami University, she intends to obtain a master’s degree in Speech Pathology through a bilingual track program. Victoria aspires to become a bilingual speech-language pathologist serving underrepresented populations in the central Ohio region.

In preparation for specializing in the area of bilingual speech and language services, Victoria completed a 3-week internship at Casa Speech in Columbus, OH. Casa Speech is a privately owned practice with two locations providing services in English and/or Spanish to both pediatric and adult populations in central Ohio. Engaging in this experience permitted Victoria to directly apply her acquired academic knowledge to a clinical setting. Further, it reaffirmed her passion for the field of Speech Pathology and Audiology, but more specifically, the bilingual population.

In addition to her academic interests, Victoria is a Student Specialist in the Commuter Center Assistant at the Armstrong Student Center. Being a commuter student herself, she can empathize with challenges experienced by these students, most notably time management. Within this role, she supports students who commute to the Miami University-Oxford campus through providing information and awareness of offered resources, as well as initiating accommodations.

Headshot of Victoria Lopez Rangel

Victoria Lopez Rangel is a current senior at Miami University pursuing a combined major in Speech Pathology and Audiology and Spanish, as well as minors in French, Portuguese, and Latin American Latino/a and Caribbean Studies. She is a recent recipient of the Critical Language Scholarship for Portuguese.

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