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Graduate Program in Psychology

Intensive research and applied work in psychology. Areas of concentration include: Brain, Cognitive, and Developmental Sciences, Clinical Psychology, and Social Psychology.

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The Best of Both Worlds

"I think that we have the best of both worlds here at Miami: My mentor has given me the resources, training, and support that I need to be research productive, but there's also great opportunities for gaining training and experience with teaching. I know of very few departments where grad students can gain formal training to teach but also have great resources for research."

Melissa Fuesting, Ph.D. in Psychology from Miami University

Choose from three areas of concentration

Program Information

Learning Outcomes

  1. Review and synthesize existing research literature, distinguish theoretical propositions from empirical evidence, and identify gaps in the literature that could lead to viable and productive research projects;
  2. Demonstrate competence in research designs and analyses by designing and implementing, with a degree of independence, ethically and methodologically appropriate research that adds to scientific knowledge in psychology;
  3. Communicate effectively orally and in writing the results of empirical research to professional audiences in scientific genres.


  • Intensive focus on research experiences and academic rigor.
  • Emphasis on research, teaching, and applied work in psychology.
  • 80 graduate students engaged in cutting-edge research across disciplines.
  • Students publish research in top journals and present at professional conferences.


  • Fully-funded graduate assistantship and tuition waiver guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Stipend for all students is approximately $ 18,394 (2022-2023).

Graduate student support includes a tuition waiver including most (but not all) instructional fees. Stipends are consistent with the cost of living in Oxford, OH. Principal investigators may provide additional support, as available.

To earn this support, graduate students serve as Graduate Assistants (GA), supporting the teaching and research of an assigned faculty member or Teaching Assistants (TA), serving as instructor of record for a course in the department.

Clinical students typically spend 2-3 years on clinical placements in the region that provide the same level of support. Once admitted, students may also apply to a number of awards and scholarships from the graduate school.

Contact Information

  • Debbie Carter, Graduate Program Associate
  • (513) 529-7224

Application Information

  • The application window opens December 1st for Fall Enrollment.
  • Application review begins on December 1st and continues until the available spaces have been filled.
  • A completed application consists of a transcript, personal statement, and three letters of recomendation. GRE scores are not required.

Department of Psychology

90 North Patterson Avenue
Oxford, OH 45056